Aggregated Assault: What The Music Blogs Are Posting Right Now

Jan 17th, 2007 // 2 Comments

greg_dulli.jpg- A mid-’90s live-show bootleg finds the Afghan Whigs taking on Bruce, Jimi and the Carpenters. [Berkeley Place]
- An MP3 overview of the Long Winters, including last year’s overlooked gem “Pushover.” [Ask Me About My Invisible Friends]
- For those of you planning a visit to Sweden in the immediate future, here are nine of the estimated 12,295 indie-pop bands you’re sure to encounter while there. [Music Of The Moment]
- The ultra-rare, Neil Finn-composed soundtrack to the 2001 movie Rain, in most of its glory. [Disco: Very]

  1. Jude

    I enjoy smoking as much as anyone else I suppose, but EVERY fucking photo, Dulli? It’s as though he’s exercising some type of 70′s Kiss drama about only being seen with makeup on.

  2. iantenna

    umm… dark end of the street is most definitely not a sprinsteen cover. how about a little fact checking there idolator? seeing as you’re so quick to shit on anyone else’s misinformation. dark end of the steet was written by two of the best songwriters of all time dan penn and chips moman. (“do right woman, do right man,” anyone? yes that was written by two men. “i’m your puppet” anyone?). and shit as far as i can tell the boss never even covered it. but if you want more killer versions than boring-ass greg dulli, try james carr, the flying burrito brothers, heck even linda ronstadt. but my all time favorite is the clarence carter version featuring the 3+ minute monologue intro (“even mosquitoes make love”). sorry for the rant, apparently you struck a nerve. go here and learn a thing or two about soul:

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