Who Charted?: “Dreamgirls” Still On Top As Record-Buying Populace Slumbers

Jan 17th, 2007 // 9 Comments

dream.jpgThe Dreamgirls soundtrack spent its second week at the top of the Billboard 200, but all was not well for the music business, sales-wise; the album’s sales dipped 9% and topped out at 60,000 copies. Yes, it was another week of down-is-up mobility on the charts, as overall sales were down 14% from last week.

Biggest Debuts: Get ready to hear a lot about the next Disney Channel movie, Jump In!; it’s a vehicle for a High School Musical alum, and it’s about an amateur boxer who finds a passion for jumping rope after falling for a girl who’s into Double Dutch. (Which sounds kind of great, really.) While its soundtrack entered the chart at No. 5 instead of No. 1–probably because Jump isn’t a musical, and its accompanying album is merely a tie-in compilation–we foresee this hanging around the top 10 for a while, especially if the bar for entry remains so low.

Biggest Slides: Every non-debuting album in the top 10 this week took a sales hit; both Now 23 and Young Jeezy’s The Inspiration were off 21%, while sales of the Beatles’ Love declined by 17%.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: Good old Nickelback: They vaulted back into the top 10 despite a 9% sales dip (35,000 copies). All we can say is this: At least it’s not Hinder.

The Dreams Continue at No. 1 [Billboard.biz]


  1. Chris Molanphy

    If the totals stay this low for a couple more weeks, the Shins would have a shot at debuting at #1 if they moved just 70K or so the first week.

    Don’t laugh — the album is already at #4 at Amazon in pre-order, and two Januarys ago the two Bright Eyes records moved about 75K total in their first week. It’s plausible.

  2. Maura Johnston

    Oh, I think it’s absolutely plausible. It comes out next week, yes? What’s their competition — John Mellencamp? The Good The Bad And The Queen? Pretty Ricky?

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Yup on all counts. Mellencamp is the X-factor in that bunch — snark on it as we might, that damn Chevy ad got a lot of TV exposure, and the people most likely to enjoy it shop at Wal-Mart (for physical discs, not downloads). Then again, the song’s been up at iTunes for a couple months now, and it’s only sold something like 70K in all that time. So even though J-Mel’s getting plenty of country radio exposure, I’m not sure the single’s all that popular.

  4. Brian Raftery

    Yeah, but isn’t there traditionally a post-awards sales bump? I would think the Dreamgirls Globes would help ramp up soundtrack sales even more; the telecast was basically a three-hour commercial for the movie. But then again, you guys know this stuff much better than I do.

  5. Maura Johnston

    I dunno, dude, I was watching 24, so all I was craving after my Monday night TV-watching was a radiation shield and a couple of White Castle sliders.

  6. katie_a_princess

    sales for dreamgirls will be up next week for sure. sales for the jump-rope movie will also be up. the shins are going to kick ass.

  7. Chris Molanphy

    Belated reply to Brian: you’re right about the post-awards sales bump, but it’s happening in stores this week, with those sales reflected on next Wednesday’s SoundScan report. The Shins album, coming out next Tuesday, will be reflected the week after that. So even though Wincing is coming out in just five days, we’ll have to wait almost two weeks from now to find out how it sold.

    So basically, if Dreamgirlsthis week experiences a post-Globes surge (paging President Bush!) but then next week drops back to its 55-60K benchmark, the way is clear for the Shins.

    Or Pretty Ricky. What do I know? They could be huge. I totally missed the Hannah Montana thing four months ago and was convinced MCR was a shoo-in for the top slot.

  8. BigMaybelle

    Please, please post the MP3s of “And I Am Telling You” by both Jennifers side by side. Pleeeeeeease.

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