Leak Of The Day: Ne-Yo Tells Beyonce To Move To The Left

Jan 17th, 2007 // 2 Comments

ne-yo.jpgThanks to Beauty N The Beat for unearthing this version of the mega-hit “Irreplaceable,” which has Ne-Yo–who helped co-write the song–taking over the lead vocals. One sticking point: the song’s “get out of my life” sentiment is a bit torpedoed by Beyonce’s voice not being completely mixed down on the song’s “to the left, to the left” interludes. Or are the two of them supposed to be kicking each other out at the same time?

Ne-Yo – Irreplaceable [MP3, link expired; via Beauty N The Beat]

  1. katie_a_princess

    in the closet that’s my stuff — yes

  2. Mary

    Is it really him? I assume if he wanted to record his own version he’d have a completely instrumental track to work with. And the vocals aren’t that good either.

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