Leo Sayer’s Underwear Rant Is Pants-Crappingly Hilarious

Jan 17th, 2007 // 4 Comments

It’s hard to tell whether or not this is staged, but what you’re about to see is Leo “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” Sayer storming out of the U.K. Big Brother house. Why? Because he couldn’t live with the prospect of being forced to hand-wash his underwear. After Sayer leaves, he tussles with security guards, telling them to “fuck off” (he’s not bleeped for dropping the f-bomb, but other parts of his rant are excised, leading us to wonder if Sayer has invented an obscene lexicon all his own).

Anyway, it’s hard to blame the guy for getting so worked up, as this is surely no way to treat a man who had a No. 1 single last year.

Leo Sayer sensationally quits Celebrity Big Brother Jan 2007 [YouTube]


  1. Dan Gibson

    Nice to see the guy who played Face on the A-Team getting some work in jolly ole England.

  2. BlimpyMcFlah

    There’s now been 30,000 complaints as the big brother inmates have turned on the indian film actress in a racist fashion.

    Not the Face though, he just wants to jump her bones…

  3. Jupiter8

    I can’t wait until Leo’s rant is mixed into the house anthem of summer 2007…

  4. cerulgalactus

    Are there any people left in the house at all? It seems they have all walked out in dramatic fashion over the past week.

    How do I know that? Err, ummm……look behind you, a three headed monkey!!

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