The Mixtape Sting: Drama And Cannon Out On Bond, Online Stores Out Of Stock

djdrama.jpgDJ Drama and Don Cannon were released from jail yesterday, one day after being arrested on racketeering charges after a raid of their Atlanta studio. Other developments:

- Online stores that deal in mixtapes are starting to clear out their inventory–as Idolator commenter Fresh informed us last night, mixtape clearinghouse has removed all mixtapes from its inventory; Mix Tape Murder has followed suit. However, the iTunes store still has some DJ Drama mix tapes on its site, and our attempts to purchase them went off without a hitch.
– Lil Wayne, who worked with DJ Drama on two Gangsta Grillz mixtapes, released an elliptical statement, saying, “It’s a bad thing, but you gotta play the game fair. If you don’t play fair, all kind of things can happen. You gotta watch people like DJ Clue, watch people like DJ Khaled. They do it right.”
– SOHH is alleging that Tuesday night’s raid was, in part, “payback” for a lawsuit that DJ Drama had won against a music distributor the day before.
– Brad Buckles, executive vice president of the RIAA’s Anti-Piracy Division, claimed that the RIAA isn’t picking on mixtapes: “We don’t consider this being against mixtapes as some sort of class of product. We enforce our rights civilly or work with police against those who violate state law. Whether it’s a mixtape or a compilation or whatever it’s called, it doesn’t really matter: If it’s a product that’s violating the law, it becomes a target.”

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