British Tour Manager Now Officially Not A Wanker

Jan 18th, 2007 // 1 Comment

bfmb2.jpgA quick update on yesterday’s post on Mark Stickland, the tour manager who sued Kerrang! magazine for a story in which he was accused of masturbating while on the road with British metal band Bullet for My Valentine:

A heavy metal band tour manager has been awarded £40,000 libel damages by the High Court over a claim he was caught masturbating at work.

Mark Stickland said he was portrayed as a “sexual deviant” in the January 2006 edition of music magazine Kerrang! Publisher Emap Metro had argued the claim, made in an interview with the band Bullet For My Valentine, was true.

Mr Stickland, 36, denied the incident, adding the article made him feel “angry, humiliated, hurt and upset”.

If our calculations are correct, that’s about $79,000 in U.S. dollars, just for having a none-too-surprising second-hand anecdote printed in a magazine that nobody reads. It may seem like Strickland is getting a fast-and-easy buck here, but when you consider that he actually had to listen to Bullet For My Valentine night after night, it’s probably well-deserved hazard pay.

Rock manager wins ‘sex act’ case [BBC]


  1. superfluoüs_umlaut

    um… “Michael Byrne of is reporting that the battle between the U.K. weekly rock magazines has reignited as NME and Kerrang! almost tie on sales, with the IPC music weekly putting on 4.3% over a six-month period to record a circulation of 76,792, while Kerrang! piled on a whopping 18% to hit 76,165.”

    (Feb. 2006)

    Is 76,000 a good circulation for a metal mag? I’m not sure, but it is certainly not “nobody.” A bit lazy to assume that nobody reads a magazine just ’cause, you know, you don’t.

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