New Music-Discovery Site Isn’t Exactly Making Us Want To Jigg

Jan 18th, 2007 // 2 Comments

ijigg.gifijigg, which fancies itself as an eventual competitor to MySpace and Purevolume, is an attempt to transfer the Digg model to online music discovery–users can post their own songs and vote on tracks posted by others, with the highest vote-getters making their way to the homepage. But so far, its bare-bones interface and lack of downloadable MP3s make it a pain to navigate. For example, even though Erin Anderson’s breakbeaty “No Answers” sounds like it could be a slightly moodier Robyn song a little tweaking and a vocal track, the only way you can listen to it is by visiting the site, and finding out any information about her without resorting to Google is fruitless. What’s the point of a music-discovery site that locks users into its interface, then offers hardly any information about the artists it’s supposedly trying to help?

ijigg [, via Techcrunch]


  1. noamjamski

    Pandora will accept music, and readily offers me music, by unsigned and unknown artists.

    They are not the best at giving info either, but I have genuinely discovered quite a bit from them.

    Even though it has trouble reconciling why I told it to give me more artists like King Diamond, Jay Z, Peter Gabriel, and Shellac.

    One of the genomes it presented for Three Mile Pilot was my interest in music that features the 10/12 time signature. Ha!

  2. HotstuffFiles

    They must be off their rocker, thinking that they could ever take on Myspace – the big boys – of the online music world.

    Look at their frontpage now, and what do you see? Nothing but shit, so yes, I’d have to agree with you: their ain’t no jigging around for Jigg.

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