The Vault: Dan Hartman’s Got Heart, Man

Jan 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

There is little rhyme nor reason to our “Vault” picks: Sometimes they’re songs that reflect what’s going on in the current musical climate; sometimes they’re songs that deserved to be unearthed after years of obscurity. But mostly, they’re songs that have been in our heads all damn morning, and they can’t be excised until we watch the clip on YouTube six times in a row.

Dan Hartman – I Can Dream About You [YouTube]

  1. Deadly Tango

    OUCH. Please preface that entire post with a “NSFH” tag (not safe for humanity). Just the song title alone was enough to cause convulsions.

    Thankfully, I’m feeling better after an immediate ear-scraping session with the Melvins.

  2. chaircrusher

    DeadlyTango is a party pooper. I’ve thought this song ruled ever since I saw it, at the climax of the awesome Walter Hill movie “Streets Of Fire.” The video playing on the bar television is from the movie. Great movie, by the way, always in the shadow of Hill’s “The Warriors.”

    I challenge anyone to name another song in the white-guy-does-Motown genre that’s as delicious as “I Can Dream About You.” Dan Hartman poops all over Hall and Oates on this one.

  3. Butch Huskey

    i never understood those video jukeboxes, were you supposed to stand in front of it for the entire song? … i dont think i saw this version on MTV they used to just play the clip of the “band” singing (the band scenes are from the movie Streets of Fire)

  4. Elwood182

    To respond to chaircrusher – Robin Thicke ‘When I get you All alone”
    Although, Dan Hartman is somehow much whiter than Alan Thicke’s spawn.

  5. blger

    I prefer the other version of this video better, where the “Streets Of Fire” group lip-syncing this song perform the moonwalk during the “moving sidewalks” part…

    Oh, do you have to tip a bartender extra for jumping on top of the bar and dancing and singing Karaoke (while oddly avoiding eye contact with the girl he’s dancing with)?

  6. Feh Am Legend

    I remember that same version as Butch; indeed, it was a better video. I didn’t have MTV but that version was on Friday Night Videos. Also, what was that network/syndicated video show that was on afternoons? It was all over that show for what seem like years. But the song itself was always better than most anything that was playing alongside it.

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