Liner Notes: Lordi Commands You To Drink From Their Soda Fountain

Jan 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

lordicola.jpg- Eurovision-winning Finnish metallers Lordi have their own soft drink. The side effects? If you drink it, you forget that GWAR ever existed. [MTV via VH1; image via Junk Food Blog]
- High meanness quotient of American Idol shocks contestants, gives last year’s fifth-place finisher an excuse to get her name back in the press. [AP via NYT]
- Somehow, people are surprised that The Gossip’s Beth Ditto was irritated by Scissor Sisters fans who weren’t interested in seeing her band at all. [The Guardian]

  1. noamjamski

    Lordi Cola is no doubt marketed to the same people who enjoyed Motley Crue’s carbonated abomination Motley Brue. It was pulled from the market after it was discovered it turned people’s pee blue!

    I wonder what Lordi Cola does….

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