Listening Station: A Few Hits Of Hyphy

Jan 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments

hyphyhitz.jpgIf you live on the West Coast, you’ve no doubt had your fill of hyphy, the cartoonish, synth-heavy hip-hop offshoot that was started in the Bay Area. And if you live on the East Coast, you’ve no doubt had your fill of hearing that hyphy is going to conquer the world, even though most of the population still has no idea what the hell it is. And so, in the interest of educating the masses (including ourselves), we present two tracks from TVT’s Hyphy Hitz, a way-too-long-but-still-pretty-enjoyable hyphy prhymer:

The A’Z – Yadadamean [MP3, link expired]
D.B.’Z feat. E-40 – Stewy [MP3, link expired]


  1. mickeyprecious

    Oh my god! I think that I love this music! It’s like my favorite rap songs, but even more mindless. Seriously, this is mad fun.

  2. wheatstraw

    Finally, conclusive proof that someone, somewhere has opened a TVT mailer.

  3. Kate Richardson

    Hyphy seems to me like one of those regional things that everyone IN the region adores and is convinced will hit it big, but never quite makes it. Houston’s chopped and screwed/Swisha House scene comes to mind.

    Then again, Hyphy does sound a lot more fun and commercially viable than this…

  4. Adam Bernard

    Received this in the mail the other day, couldn’t make it through more than half of any of the songs.

    I’d love to know what hyphy fans consider wack. Whatever it is I’ll add it to my playlist immediately.

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