Eddie Van Halen: Still Smokin’

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 4 Comments

Over the weekend, Eddie Van Halen made an appearance at a music-equipment trade-show in Anaheim, during which he showed off the new $25,000 Fender “Frankenstein” guitar. The good news: When Eddie actually plays, he can tap that axe like it’s 1984. The bad news: When he speaks, he sounds like Jeff Spicoli giving a report on humbuckers. His entire appearance is broken down into a series of YouTube clips, the best of which are here and here; as Eddie would say, they play like nutbutter, and it’s just the tip of the ice cube.

Edward Van Halen at Fender’s Reception, Winter NAMM 2007 3 [YouTube]

  1. xtianrut

    Well, it’s good to see Eddie’s staying off the bottle.

  2. thepunkguy

    I started to listen to it and it bothered me, then I opened up another tab while it was still playing and realized he sounds exactly like George Carlin.


  3. Butch Huskey

    what’s with the ass stain? eddie been hanging out with fergie?

  4. brasstax

    From a totally techy standpoint, I’m so glad he’s using that really sharp, trebly tone again from all the DLR-era records and 5150/0U812. It’s like as soon as he discovered there were other sounds (and other guitars), VH went to pot.

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