“I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide, Take Three

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 2 Comments

As long as MTV continues to air the I’m From Rolling Stone reality show, we’ll continue to force encourage Idolator intern Kate Richardson to watch it for us. Her take on last night’s episode after the click-through.

Highlights from Episode 102: “Bi-Polar Express”

-During the first of several heart-to-hearts with RS editor Joe Levy, intern Russell sets up the arc of the episode by asking whether his “general dirtbagedness” will get him into trouble at Rolling Stone. He also casually admits to engaging in “a lot of harassing of women” and watching porn.
-Tika loses her notes after interviewing the Roots, and yet still manages to pull off a published story.
-Russell comes to the jarring realization that “editors are kind of wack, dude,” and uses this as an excuse to flail about the office madly and skip work.
-Editor Alex Mar begins to unravel mid-episode, when Peter’s unprintable Band of Horses article makes her realize that dealing with MTV interns is not worth the extra screen time.
-Krishtine and Krystal are forced to sit on the sidelines, pondering the unorthodox spelling of their names.
-In the end, Russell pledges to get to work on-time everyday, noting that he’ll “pull out [his] balls and flap them around” for ten minutes once he arrives at the office. Look for footage of this soon at MTV Overdrive.

Most annoying intern of the episode: Russell, by default.
Least annoying intern of the episode: Tika, because she seems to know what she’s doing and can achieve it with minimal fuss.
Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three Stars
Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: N/A, as Jann is once again nowhere to be found.


  1. dentist

    I turned this on just in time to hear one of the interns on the phone with his dad saying something like:
    “I wrote this article and they edited it, and then I re-wrote it and they, like, edited it again…”

  2. wondergoodtx

    But he hadn’t had a beer an almost a week! How is he expected to really churn it out without a little of grandpa’s cough syrup?

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