John Mellencamp Joins A Long Line Of Baby Boo-Hoomers

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 4 Comments

mellencampyandtheinfinitesadness.jpgIn today’s New York Times, John Mellencamp–the man who can turn any photo shoot into a Newport Lights ad–defends his decision to use his “Our Country” song in a Chevrolet ad:

“People say I sold out…No, I got sold out. Sometime during the ’90s record companies made the decision that us guys who had been around for a long time and had sold millions of records and were household names just weren’t as interesting as girls in stretch dresses.”

Ah, yes: The old “blame the bimbos” defense, the last resort for aging rockers who can’t understand why people would rather listen to “Toxic” than to the 22nd retread of “Pink Houses.” No one’s saying the music industry is doing a great job when it comes to treating its elder statesmen and stateswomen: Warner Brothers, for example, was none-too-plussed with Lindsey Buckingham’s Under The Skin, and that was one of the better records of last year. But it’s not major-label mismanagement or corporate-owned radio or sex-crazed consumers that’s keeping Mellencamp off the airwaves: “Our Country” is just a terrible song. The Pussycat Dolls could do it as a duet with Rihanna, and it would still stall at No. 7 at TRL. This is not to suggest that Mellencamp should be put out to pasture (in fact, please don’t, as he’ll wind up writing a bunch of songs about pastures), but we ask that fifty-plus musicians adapt the Neil Young/Tom Petty formula: For every one (1) long-winded complaint about how no one in the record industry knows what to do with your music, you must release two (2) songs that would hold up in a modern-day setlist.

Changes in Mellencamp Country [NY Times]

  1. Ray Wert

    This is what happens when you have an Amerigasm without proper protection.

  2. IvyLeagueMetalhead

    Riiiiight. I’m sure he fought licensing that hook from “Jack and Diane” to Jessica Simperingson tooth and nail.

  3. Mick Kraut

    He should just be happy that he hasnt had to hold down a day job for the last 25 years…He’s done pretty well for being a poor man’s midwestern Springsteen…release a record as strong as Nebraska or The Rising and then see how you are treated…

    And if the music industry is treating you poorly, and it “isnt about the money” then just write songs for you and your friends and dont release them…or self finance recording and distribute via your website…or better still just shut the hell up and devote more time to your show horses and not trying to write another “Scarecrow”…

  4. MConnor

    After 20 weeks of the NFL, I’m still not quite sure whose country it is.

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