Which Six-Member Band Needs A Little Muscle Behind It?

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 16 Comments

thebodyguard.jpegThe Daily Express has a lengthy article about belt-tightening at record labels in the UK that tosses around some jaw-dropping numbers: a £160,000 hotel bill for Paris Hilton and her entourage, an £800,000 tab for the attempted All Saints revival. But there was one blind item in the piece that caught our eye:

One six-piece American rock band are being challenged by their label over their need for a personal bodyguard each to fly to the UK – despite them being less than recognisable in Britain.

We have no idea who this could be–we’ve spent a good chunk of this afternoon researching six-member bands from the States, and the only answer we could come up with, after realizing that Bon Jovi had pared itself down to a five-piece, was Toto. (Insert joke about them “holding the line” here.) Ideas?

Death of the Diva [Daily Express, via Coolfer]

  1. brasstax

    Aren’t there six dudes in Linkin Park?

  2. janine

    black crowes?

  3. ortholomeux

    beat me to linkin park!

  4. Jon Solomon

    When I saw Toto in 2004 (yes, I saw Toto in 2004) there were far more than six people in the band. I’d put the number closer to ten.

  5. Brian Raftery

    Oh, now that I think about, it could be the Park: They have an insane security/anti-piracy detail. But wouldn’t they be recognizable over there? They’re pretty much a worldwide act, no?

  6. Maura Johnston

    I don’t know if I should be glad or embarrassed that they never crossed my mind. I did look up the number of members in Hoobastank, though.

  7. Hamm Beerger

    According to Wikipedia they’ve had several top 10/top 20 singles in the UK. So yeah, they’re probably just as famous there as here.

    But there just aren’t a lot of six piece bands running around these days. I checked every band that had a turntablist and they all topped out at five.

  8. Jeff Reguilon

    Could it be Dave Matthews Band? I think they tour with six and aren’t very popular in the UK.

  9. Ozzy

    Aren’t there six dudes in the current Guns ‘n Roses lineup? I wouldn’t blame them for wanting protection. Dizzy’s ten minute piano solo certainly made me want to harm any and all responsible.

  10. joshservo

    Bad Religion: Six members, not popular anywhere.

  11. MConnor

    My money would be on Dave Matthews. That’s the best part about traveling to the UK. DMB means absolutely nothing over there.

  12. brasstax

    That does sound like a very GNR thing to do.

    Also, a peep at the cover of the new Under The Radar tells me that Modest Mouse is now up to six members including Marr. Not saying it’s them, but y’know…

  13. cerulgalactus

    I vote DMB as well. Modest Mouse can now trade on The Smiths love.

  14. Rory B. Bellows

    My guess is that those kids in Hanson learned to clone themselves.

  15. Butch Huskey

    the Pussycat Dolls, sorry if this was posted earlier

  16. theminx

    Paris Hilton has to have someone pay for her to stay at a hotel? Was she banned from the Hilton?

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