Even In His Absence, The Curse Of Sting Haunts Coachella


A few months ago, we put forth the notion that there is a “Curse Of Sting”, based on the belief that everything the former Police man does is tragic–from Dune to Baron Munchausen to Studio 60 (amazingly, Studio has not yet been canceled, thanks to the small army of viewers who interpret pandering mawkishness as “grown-up TV”). And though it now looks as though that long-rumored Police reunion won’t be happening at Coachella–barring some follow-up announcement, of course–his curse is still affecting the festival. Consider these recent Coachella catastrophes, all of which have transpired in the last few hours:

– Andy Dick’s announcement that, due to scheduling conflicts, he will be unable to grope festivalgoers in the V.I.P. tent this year. – Troublesome California weather-patterns damaging the Beer Garden’s Heineken crop. – Perry Farrell’s “No Glow Stick Left Behind” bill failing to pass imaginary, wholly Perry Farrell-created congress. – Red Hot Chili Peppers landing headlining slot.

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