Meryl Streep Doesn’t Even Bother With That Napster Nonsense

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

streeptrick.jpgWe missed this last week, but apparently Meryl Streep has been up late at night, searching for a DRM-free copy of the Ironweeds soundtrack. From Entertainment Weekly:

There are several generations of women who have the habit of going out to the movies and buying a ticket, which is not so true [of young people]. It’s just like in the music business. The only people that buy CDs are people like us. Everybody else downloads it illegally off the LimeWire. And that’s probably what’s coming with movies. But while we still have the habit of going to films, they damn well better market to us and give us something to watch.

Not sure when it became “the Limewire,” but still, now that Meryl’s proven her online know-how, can she drop a line to the Rolling Stone blog team and explain to them what Sophie’s Choice was about?

The Silver Foxes Rule! [EW]


  1. Ned Raggett

    I see Garrison’s checking out her butt, the perv.

  2. kiteless

    To anyone that thinks an increase in average life span is a good thing: exhibit A “Because I Said So” starring Diane Keaton. We’re moving into the golden (literally) age of film where movies are going to be targeted directly at women who are 60+.

  3. Kate Richardson

    I love Meryl and all, but here’s why she’s wrong (I think): one can download a song or album with exactly or very approximate quality as a CD, but the movie theater experience cannot be imitated on a computer monitor or even a plasma TV (or what have you). Movies are actually made to be viewed on a theater-size screen, while music is produced to be heard by whatever means you can obtain it. So…until everyone becomes wealthy enough to have an in-home theater, I kind of doubt that the theatrical release will peter out any time soon.

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