Coachella Lineup Revealed: You Can Schedule Your Return Flight For Sometime Sunday Evening

Jan 22nd, 2007 // 31 Comments

coachella07.jpgThanks to cat dirt sez’s screen-capturing abilities, you’re looking at the poster that briefly appeared on the Coachella festival’s official Web site earlier today. It’s causing us to ask a lot of questions: Is the Jesus and Mary Chain reunion the big one that was supposed to be kept under wraps until later this week? Is there a worse band name than Fair to Midland? And are Rage Against The Machine fans really going to be that into Lily Allen and the Happy Mondays?

cat dirt (temporary) exclusive: 2007 coachella poster [cat dirt sez]
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  1. Ned Raggett

    Clearly the Comedians of Comedy need to hit the road with the Rockstars of Rock.

  2. GiantPanda

    who is “Grizzly Bear Mika”?

  3. OMGeorge

    Is it time to stop caring yet? I can’t even be bothered to go to Siren anymore, and it’s in my borough, and also free.

  4. AquaLung

    Given the fact that probably most fans of RATM are in their mid-late 20s and most likely have expanded their music tastes since high school, I think it should be ok.

    RATM was also a good band- it’s not like they’ve gotten Limp Bizkit or Korn to headline.

    I do love watching Pitchfork kids bristle at anything involving the word “metal” though.

    As for Chili Peppers- yeah, can’t defend that one.

  5. SirLoin

    Heyyy-ohhh/ The Peppers headlining is lame-oooo

  6. kerrang

    Giant Panda –
    Grizzly Bear, Mika Miko is all i can think of? typo perhaps?

  7. brasstax

    Nah, there’s a UK artist named Mika that’s hot right now. I’m sure they just accidentally ran Grizzly Bear and Mika into each other on the poster.

  8. Cheap Shot

    Aside from the lame-ass headliners, this is one of the best line-up.

    Americans are so fucking spoiled that they’ll complain about every little thing which is why we don’t have any fucking festivals.
    Europeans get to have many festivals and the few we have, we complain about.

  9. Rabbi Dave

    First off, Is Interpol billed above The JEsus and Mary Chain? WTF and I like Interpol.

    Second: RATM was actually a good live band. But even an enlightened reformed-headbanger would have a hard time stomaching the rest of Sunday’s line-up.

    Put them atop either of the other two days and its more cohesive. Switch Bjork and Rage and everything makes more sense.

  10. cerulgalactus

    Oh boy, another festival featuring more than 5 acts that I would pay good money to see, but not enough overall good that I could be arsed buying a ticket.

    That, and I’m in Australia.

  11. Weezy F Baby

    yeah we dont have any festivals in america

    …deep breath…

    except for

    siren fest
    (the sf and boston versions of) the download festival
    cmj & sxsw (i’d count them)

    yeah, i think we’re good on the festivals.

  12. amrcanpoet

    How delightfully elitist of everyone to lump people into musical genres. You know, only the music industry creates genres so they can sell crap to you under the guise of “It sounds just like the Pumpkins!” (no offense to Silversun Pick-ups, ’cause they rock, but I’m tired of them being compared to SP).

    I was (am) a huge RAtM fan, and can say that I am equally a huge fan of the Kaiser Chiefs, Damien Rice, Lily Allen, Jose Gonzalez, and The Teddybears.

    Sometimes I feel the editors here (and even commentors) just love to pigeon-hole musical tastes, and treat their opinions like objective musical fact.

  13. h. ross piroshky

    is Idolator dissing Willie Nelson? whoa. thought he’d reached near Johnny Cash-ian status in the “nobody will talk shit” department. either way, i love him.

    also, last year was my first Coachella. GASP!!!

    i get that those of you who’ve been going since 1907 and whatnot are upset about the popularization of your ‘fest. this, in general, is a sentiment i can wholeheartedly identify with. i also understand that it’s expensive, and quite a chore to coordinate, and you want a pretty badass lineup for your troubles (but is RHCP any worse than that Ciccone woman from last year?). and i get that this is a blog, and blogs are a place to voice your opinions, concerns and general misanthropy.

    that said….

    jesus shit, people. this is some joylessness. just glad nobody’s being forced at gunpoint to attend!

  14. Weezy F Baby

    this shit is starting to sound like a stereogum comment section.


  15. Rory B. Bellows

    Your right cheap shot, these comments are the reason that we can’t have nice things.

    Seriously though, 1994 called and it wants its headliners back.

  16. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Don’t forget the Voodoo festival too in New Orleans.

    Uhm, I thought The Police were rumored to be dropping on on Coachella?

    Bumbershoot is closer to me anyays though. In the five hour road trip kind of closeness.

  17. Jupiter8

    Wow! I loved the 90s! Was the Brian Setzer Orchestra booked?

  18. Brian Raftery

    I think it’s more akin to Sundance circa 1990 or so: A remote, too-good-to-be-true working vacation that set the bar pretty high in its first few high-profile years; no matter what Coachella offers, people will complain that it’s not as good as it used to be.

    Today’s blurts of disappointment likely stem from the fact that a lot of people (including myself) got it in their head that Prince, Sting, and Billy Corgan would all be hanging out in the same tent. So yes, we all probably need to stop reading so many message boards, and yes, we’re all probably a little whiney, but when you’re expecting “Kiss” and you get “Funky Monks” instead, it takes a day or two for the swelling to stop.

    Anyway, I’m not gonna balk at a line-up that includes Ghostface, Hot Chip, and Willie Nelson. But I am going to wait and see what Bonaroo has before rushing to buy a ticket.

  19. Maura Johnston

    (but is RHCP any worse than that Ciccone woman from last year?)

    oh dude. come on. anthony kiedis doesn’t have a voice anymore, his throat just produces abstract sound waves that are fixed in post. and there is no red hot chili peppers song that even reaches “white heat” heights, let alone “into the groove.”

  20. Maura Johnston

    Sometimes I feel the editors here (and even commentors) just love to pigeon-hole musical tastes, and treat their opinions like objective musical fact.

    isn’t engaging in the latter practice the reason why the Internet was invented in the first place???

  21. Cam/ron

    So Willie Nelson goes on right after Paul Van Dyk? It must be all about the marijuana.

  22. Cheap Shot

    Weezy F Baby,
    I know we have festivals. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. Really though, Europe has way more action than your fancy list and at a higher frequency. We have corporate laden, over-booked and overpriced crap here.

    have a nice day.

  23. Cheap Shot

    And Weez, those festivals a recent ones biotch!

  24. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Looks like they’ve stopped booking wall-to-wall big name jocks for the dance tent, and just put all the money in the headliners.

  25. chrisb

    Holy shit, Jesus and Mary Chain… far, far more exciting than Rage Against the Machine.

  26. Ned Raggett

    Holy shit, Jesus and Mary Chain… far, far more exciting than Rage Against the Machine.

    On the one hand I agree. On the other hand I foresee mehness.

  27. h. ross piroshky

    hey maura, maybe SY will do “Into the Groovey”!

  28. antistar

    I’m down with Rage and the Mary Chain. I loved the Mondays, but I bet they’ll be terrible.

  29. Jupiter8

    Does anyone remember what those last couple Jesus & Mary Chain records sounded like?

  30. Prada James

    Can we officially call it Coachellapalooza now?

  31. O.D.B. McDowell

    Is there a worse band name than Fair to Midland?

    uh, did i see a band on there named Infected Mushroom?

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