On The Flippity-Flop: Velocity Girl Finds A Warm Crawlspace

Jan 23rd, 2007 // 10 Comments

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ARTIST: Velocity Girl
SONG: “Warm/Crawl,” 1992
FIRST APPEARANCE: Sub Pop Singles Club #39
WHY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A-SIDE: “Warm/Crawl” came from a limited-edition split single that Velocity Girl put out with fellow D.C. indie stalwarts Tsunami. It’s almost two songs in one, with a dreamy, soaring first half that gives way to some frantic guitars and a cascade of multitracked Sarah Shannon vocals, and the way those two halves come together pretty much sums up why we still give Copacetic spins after all these years.

Velocity Girl – Warm/Crawl [MP3, link expired]
BONUS FLIPPITY-FLOP FLIP SIDE: Velocity Girl – Tales Of Brave Aphrodite [MP3, link expired]
Velocity Girl [subpop.com]

  1. Cheap Shot

    Best adaptation of the My Bloody Valentine sound.

  2. Deadly Tango

    “Warm/Crawl” is two different songs run together. Archie used to get really annoyed at shows when people would request “Warm Crawl,” and VG made a point of playing the songs separately, with 4-5 other songs in between.

    The Tsunami side of the SubPop single, “Left Behind,” shares a song title (but nothing else) with Beat Happening … unlike “Answerman,” which interpolates a little bit of “Other Side” (the most confusing song title on Black Candy, as it’s the first song on side one).

    And closing the coincidental loop, VG’s take on “Tales of Brave Aphrodite” comes from Fortune Cookie Prize, the Simple Machines tribute LP to Beat Happening.


  3. Deadly Tango

    “Warm/Crawl” really is two different songs. They never played the songs back-to-back at shows, and I recall reading somewhere (probably Chickfactor) that Archie was always annoyed at people who thought “Warm Crawl” was a single song.

    The Tsunami contribution to this single, “Left Behind,” shares a title (but nothing else) with Beat Happening … as opposed to Tsunami’s “Answerman” which interpolates a little bit of “Other Side.”

    Closing the “not-quite-a-coincidence” loop for now, the VG cover of “Tales of Brave Aphrodite” first appeared on Simple Machines’ tribute LP to Beat Happening, Fortune Cookie Prize.


  4. Deadly Tango

    argh. apologies for the double post… the first one got hung up and I thought it didn’t go through. feel free to delete.

  5. Maura Johnston

    this is what happens when you are too young to go to 18-and-older shows. but if they were so adamant, why did the cd version run together as one track?

  6. mike a

    I definitely saw them play “Warm” and “Crawl” together at the Providence Indie-Rock Fest circa 1992. Perhaps the annoyance set in afterward.

  7. Deadly Tango

    Mike, I agree with you on both counts. My recollection (which is hazy, given the time lapse) is that the annoyance did come later — the “Atomic Fireball” single had only been out for a few weeks when we went to Providence.

    Maura, the songs were mushed together on the 45 in a MBV-style. It would be strange to alter the single when repackaging it on the CD. And which CD are you talking about?

    Should we take this incredibly insular discussion off-line now?

  8. Maura Johnston

    I have it (and “Aphrodite”) on an EP that Sub Pop sent to radio stations in 1992 (SUB PROCD#6, to be exact). Also on it: “My Forgotten Favorite”/”Why Should I Be Nice To You?”

  9. Matthew Perpetua

    Sub Pop should really put out some kind of Velocity Girl compilation — singles, key album cuts (“Here Comes,” “Pop Loser,” “Tripping Wires,” “Drug Girls”), b-sides and vinyl-only stuff, rarities. That would rule, and hopefully expose a lot of new people to the band.

  10. Matthew Perpetua

    Actually, looking at their wikipedia entry makes me realize that there really wouldn’t be enough room on a VG compilation for album cuts!

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