“Rolling Stone” Reality-Show Contestant Hates Haterism

krishtine.jpgApparently I’m From Rolling Stone contestant Krishtine de Leon didn’t take too kindly to a post we had a few weeks ago, one that quoted her former college editor. Yesterday, de Long posted a lengthy rant in which she addresses some of the criticism she’s received from the show’s meager viewership. Some highlights–including a sentence containing the terms “blow-jobs” and “Jann Wenner”–after the click-through.

Krishtine claims that she’s been attacked for several reasons: Her race, her gender, and her gold teeth (oh, and because everyone’s jealous). Some highlights from her rebuttals:

MY GOLD TEETH. Oh, the provocateur strikes again. Before you ask me why, ask yourself these questions: 1.) what demographic do you consider to wear these obnoxious accessories? 2.) What stigmas are associated with those that wear gold teeth? 3.) What is your mental image of a “successful individual” and how does that play into your assumptions of how success “looks”? 4.) Is your comfort level based on your exposure (or lack thereof) to this cultural aesthetic?

In laymen’s terms, what the fuck does my grill have to do with anything? It’s a conversation piece, yes, and well intended. But it is also my filter. Whoever doesn’t understand its significance, or my very deliberate ownership of this accoutrement ain’t someone I really need to trip off of anyway.

THE MOST USELESS EMOTION OF ALL: JEALOUSY. I smell it, bitches, and it ain’t pretty. I’ma be real: most of these bloggers out there are compensating for their insignificance. And I will address you directly: be a real gangster and throw your set up. Put the name that your mama gave you next to your post. Be accountable for your opinion. We all know who the fuck you are: mousy audition-rejects that suffer from inferiority complexes. Wannabe-journalists that use their delusional excuse for important conversation as a reason for me not deserving this opportunity.

MY GENDER. It is no coincidence that the most highly-criticized characters are myself and my homegirl Krystal Simpson. Why? Because we are the attractive women in the cast who, by MTV standards, could never be picked for their intellectual contribution to music journalism. Nevermind that at such young ages, we have independently become editors of our respective publications. That doesn’t matter. We obviously MUST be giving blow-jobs to Jann Wenner (who by the way, is GAY). That must be it.

They have called us every name in the book: bitch, coke-whore, slut, tramp, you name it. But hey, ladies, in this patriarchal society with ever-growing restriction on women’s rights, aren’t we used to being treated like second-class citizens? So this, also to myself, was no surprise.

And finally, her response to “the person who claimed to be my ‘college editor’”:

…you must have been one scared motherfucker (and probably only edited two of my stories in my academic career). You probably sat next to me in prerequisite journalism for two straight semesters and wouldn’t dare utter a word of contest in my presence, but so lavishly spewed such a purported role in “unleashing me into the world of journalism.” How benevolent of you, especially since SFSU’s Journalism Department is a joke and you probably cater to the elitism that seperates the real journalists, like myself and Russell Morse, with “college editors” like you who will only gain notoriety off their own hate (and my shine.) You better wish that I don’t find out who the fuck you are. Hatin-ass, racist-ass, bitch-ass, cracka-ass, lyin-ass, salty-ass mothafucka.

Clearly, that is one multi-tasking ass.

Bring on the HATE! [Guerilla Busfare]

  • J DTZR

    What a delusional cunt.

  • maxreax

    If she could write her RS pieces half as well as she wrote that screed, I’d take her a lot more seriously.

  • mike a

    …wannabe-journalists that use their delusional excuse for important conversation as a reason for me not deserving this opportunity.

    Wow. Someone’s insecure (and convoluted).

    What if we don’t “hate” her at all – indeed, don’t even think about her in our real lives? Ah, that’s the scariest thought.

  • d

    You know, I haven’t seen this show and I don’t really care to. Judging by your past coverage, I’m sure she is as obnoxious as all get out BUT this rant, multi-tasking ass and all, just makes me like her. It’s funny. Or do I just think it is because I’m Latina and I think she has a point? Color me confused Idolator. Am I supposed to find her rebuttals insulting as opposed to humorous?

  • janine

    Is she saying that she and Krystal are cuter than Tika? Hair can’t be that important, can it?

  • Randall Tex Cobb

    They should get rid of Semiotics 101.

  • beta.rogan

    ” by MTV standards”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahah. Does MTV have standards?

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    What the fuck is her damage?

    “most bloggers are
    compensating for their insignificance.”

    That’s really a cute statement coming from such a well informed individual. I do believe she is forgeting that to a degree, blogs are now legit and print media is on the way out. Isn’t she the one trying to compensate for her insignificance with this rant? Maybe people don’t take her seriously because of this supposed hood persona. And that broad is not good looking either.

  • GeddyLee

    “Clearly, that is one multi-tasking ass.”

    But can that ass do all that whilst taking a poo? THAT would be talent.

  • MJ

    She can’t… She just can’t miss the point so thoroughly, make such wild generalizations, be so self-absorbed, and then use words like “accoutrement”. It’s like the only part of her brain that’s turned on is the one that says “OVERWROUGHT VOCABULARY”.

  • Paul D

    That… that’s just priceless.

    “I’ma be real” ?!?!

    Perhaps I lead a sheltered life, but I ain’t that old. Does anyone over the age of 14 actually talk like this?

    “real journalists, like myself”

    Real journalists participate in Rolling Stone reality shows? Somebody get Bob Woodward on the phone!

  • afriedman

    she’s kind of got yall on the grill issue.

  • valet_of_the_dolls

    Whoever doesn’t understand its significance, or my very deliberate ownership of this accoutrement ain’t someone I really need to trip off of anyway.

    Krishtine, please trip off of something really tall.

  • zaky

    It’s amazing how eloquent Ebonics can sound sometimes.

  • Matthew Perpetua

    Can some of you at least try to repress your creepy, over the top misogyny?

  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue

    You know, her blogger name is “Da Truf,” so she must be right. Or rite. Wait, how would “right” correspond to “truf”?

  • Brian Raftery

    The fact she wears a grill is, in itself, not comedic. What made that moment memorable was that the entire episode had portrayed her–whether fairly or unfairly–as an unapologetic narcissist, and her fussing over her grill at a company-ID photo counter was just one of many acts of self-importance.

    And: Really? This is worth throwing around the “C” word?

  • Paul D

    @Matthew Perpetua

    Could you clarify your request a little?

    I’m just as sensitive to that kind of thing as the next person. But other than the first post (the one with the c-word, which is debatably misogynistic at best), I didn’t detect too much else.

    For the record, this Krishtine person does have one hell of a ‘tude.

  • J DTZR

    Not to start a semantics flamewar, but I don’t think “cunt” should be taboo. It’s the gender-specific equivalent of calling an unpleasant, obnoxious asshole of the male persuasion a “dick,” IMO. Would it have been less offensive to call her a “twat?”

    Regardless, sorry if I offended anyone (except Krishtine, of course)

  • Adam Bernard

    Does the racist hating part of her ass have anything to say to the part that just called white people crackas?

    PS – You can’t be hated if no one’s really paying any attention to you. You’re on “I’m With Rolling Stone,” not “Lost.” Get over it.

    (make you’re own Lost joke here)

  • Kate Richardson

    As the person who actually wrote the snide comments about the grill on this site, I’d like to second Brian’s comment 100%. He explained perfectly why I made the decision to highlight that moment.

    Without going into specifics (because, really, what’s more tiresome than a cracka-ass defending herself against claims of racism?), let’s just say for the record that I have A LOT of experience with grills and people who wear grills and grill culture, if you will, and grills are themselves not at all an offensive accoutrement to my mind. The comedy was, as Brian said, in the absurdity of being SO wrapped up in ones own caricature of oneself that a fuss had to be made about a fucking ID picture. I mean, Peter appears to be a very limitedly talented (at best) drunkard, but he wasn’t like, “Wait, I forgot my can of Foster’s!” for his picture.

    And besides all that, I guarantee you I’d have hailed Krishtine’s comment as a total hardass move were she in any capacity an impressive journalist.

  • Kate Richardson

    One last thing (sorry!): I don’t even think that Krishtine throwing around the term cracka-ass is particularly racist. She’s just throwing fire at fire, and besides I don’t buy into white people being discriminated against because our unfair advantages and privileges are so incredibly entrenched that it’s completely irrelevant whether we’re referred to as crackers.

    My point is: racism/discrimination DOES affect minorities in this country, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Krishtina’s egomania and sloppy journalism.

  • janine

    It’s pretty clear the Khryshgtineswie’s writing is a cancer. We’re mispelling sh*t, accusations of “over the top misogyny” are getting dropped without context… (Perpetua, I’m the Black lady. I say when this thread’s offensive!)

    Final comment: when I read K’s rant, I was totally thinking of Barbara Billingsley in Airplane (excuse me sir, I speak jive).

  • janine

    One more comment: could that be a t-shirt? i.e. “I’m the Black lady. I say when this thread’s offensive!” …just puttin’ it out there.

  • rilla

    Gold teeth are mad dope dog, word em up!

    The competition should of had the staff writers of Rolling Stone competing for their jobs against bloggers, since most of them don’t deserve to be there.

    Russell is winning this. They threw in the “he’s late” nonsense to show how “troubled” he was. They made it out to be 2 days in a row, but the first day he’s late he’s got a Z shaved in his head (narly) and the next day he’s late, there’s no Z. Who cares, Krishtine will end up on MTV chi in no time, or MTV philipina or MTV Standards. What the hell is MTV standards anyway, i don’t get that in my cable package.

  • mike a

    i personally would rather have “Hatin-ass, racist-ass, bitch-ass, cracka-ass, lyin-ass, salty-ass mothafucka.” on a shirt.

    Apparently that was considered as a Sub Pop slogan in 1990.

  • Ned Raggett

    DAMMIT I was about to make that joke.

  • Tiger_Tanaka

    Who the hell reads Rolling Stone now anyway?

  • mickeyprecious

    Okay, this is clearly ridiculous. But in her defense, we’ve all be guilty of writing completely stupid shit on the internet at some point in our younger lives. God knows that I did!

    The difference is that we’re not on TV. And (most of us) aren’t complete idiots. But let’s look at the bright sides of this rant:

    1. I’m impressed whenever one person can use both “provocateur” and “salty-ass” in the same document.

    2. I say let her rock the gold teeth. Lord knows, the real teeth, real lips, and real face aren’t really doing all that much. Maybe she could just wear a gold-plated paper bag over her head. That way, she won’t face any discrimination against her intellect. No one would know what a ravishing, sensual, and well spoken ingenue she really is. Trip off that.

    3. I just love the phrase “Jann Wenner (who by the way, is GAY)” It’s just like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog when he said “Lassie (who by the way is queer). Genius!

  • Anonymous

    she’s right about the women in music journalism comment, but that goes for women in so many fields these days – wake up sister, you aren’t the only woman who’s a victim of this.

    I don’t know what she’s bitching about, anyway. word on the street is that she’s the winner.

  • PacificLight

    K-dawg, it’s Coelho, bitch, and nice try since no one’s read him. Everyone who tries just sits by the river and cries. Misspelling your favorite author = admission of illiteracy.

  • MTS

    Reads an entry from December 17, 2006:

    I can’t be bigheaded at this point. I’m still poor.

    Newsflash to Krishtine: No one cares about your teeth, what you put on your teeth, the color of your skin or gender. I am sure these factors are of consequence to random douchehammers in the world, but let’s forget about them for a moment — the majority of folks, inside the industry or not, are more concerned with your abilities as a writer and how you conduct yourself as such.

    BTW, your blog entry was funny. Hopefully the same spunk persisted throughout your tenure at RS.

  • Weezy F Baby

    i personally would rather have “Hatin-ass, racist-ass, bitch-ass, cracka-ass, lyin-ass, salty-ass mothafucka.” on a shirt.

  • Cam/ron

    I first thought that Krish was a mild amusement on a sitcom of a reality show, but her rant stepped on all 10 of my toes. I’m a SFSU j-school grad and my mother’s Filipina. It’s disgusting that she trashes the fine journalism program that inspired her to be a journalist. I can’t stand how she goes off an a “don’t hate me because I’m a pinay” defense. She embodies the stereotype of the spoiled, egotistical, fiesty, Americanized pinay who gives shit to nearly everyone who sneezes in her general direction. My grandmother used to chew out such girls in Tagalog whenever they gave her attitude on the streets of Daly City.

    I’m telling you, Jann Wenner hired her as an intern as revenge against former RS editor/SFSU journalism dept. chair John Burks.

  • globalbeatfusion

    Brilliant use of the “accoutrement-ain’t” one-two! Hey, I’m intelligent and street at the same time!

  • lowkey

    Say what you want, but that shit was well written. Better than half the shit written to her opposition. And, BTW, as someone who knows Krish personally, I can say the production crew made sure she included her grill in every shot they took of her. Her “oh-I-forgot-my-gril” moment for the RS company picture was probably an out take of her talking directly to the crew.

    Ask yourselves why you hate on Krish. Is it because you can’t stand her, or because you’re threatened by her? Because you know, regardless of what the fuck you say on a blog, she will, not only have something infinitely more assertive, yet creative, as her reply, but also because, at the end of the day, she wont really give a fuck. She’s doing her thing. She’s been doing it, and she’s doing it now as you read my comment and HATE.

    And she does have ya’ll on some shit, because it seems the people who have the most shit to say about her just don’t get the ‘hood persona. Is it a coincidence those with the most eloquent anti-Krish comments are white men? Yeah, scroll up; I’ll wait.