“Rolling Stone” Reality-Show Contestant Hates Haterism

krishtine.jpgApparently I’m From Rolling Stone contestant Krishtine de Leon didn’t take too kindly to a post we had a few weeks ago, one that quoted her former college editor. Yesterday, de Long posted a lengthy rant in which she addresses some of the criticism she’s received from the show’s meager viewership. Some highlights–including a sentence containing the terms “blow-jobs” and “Jann Wenner”–after the click-through.

Krishtine claims that she’s been attacked for several reasons: Her race, her gender, and her gold teeth (oh, and because everyone’s jealous). Some highlights from her rebuttals:

MY GOLD TEETH. Oh, the provocateur strikes again. Before you ask me why, ask yourself these questions: 1.) what demographic do you consider to wear these obnoxious accessories? 2.) What stigmas are associated with those that wear gold teeth? 3.) What is your mental image of a “successful individual” and how does that play into your assumptions of how success “looks”? 4.) Is your comfort level based on your exposure (or lack thereof) to this cultural aesthetic?

In laymen’s terms, what the fuck does my grill have to do with anything? It’s a conversation piece, yes, and well intended. But it is also my filter. Whoever doesn’t understand its significance, or my very deliberate ownership of this accoutrement ain’t someone I really need to trip off of anyway.

THE MOST USELESS EMOTION OF ALL: JEALOUSY. I smell it, bitches, and it ain’t pretty. I’ma be real: most of these bloggers out there are compensating for their insignificance. And I will address you directly: be a real gangster and throw your set up. Put the name that your mama gave you next to your post. Be accountable for your opinion. We all know who the fuck you are: mousy audition-rejects that suffer from inferiority complexes. Wannabe-journalists that use their delusional excuse for important conversation as a reason for me not deserving this opportunity.

MY GENDER. It is no coincidence that the most highly-criticized characters are myself and my homegirl Krystal Simpson. Why? Because we are the attractive women in the cast who, by MTV standards, could never be picked for their intellectual contribution to music journalism. Nevermind that at such young ages, we have independently become editors of our respective publications. That doesn’t matter. We obviously MUST be giving blow-jobs to Jann Wenner (who by the way, is GAY). That must be it.

They have called us every name in the book: bitch, coke-whore, slut, tramp, you name it. But hey, ladies, in this patriarchal society with ever-growing restriction on women’s rights, aren’t we used to being treated like second-class citizens? So this, also to myself, was no surprise.

And finally, her response to “the person who claimed to be my ‘college editor'”:

…you must have been one scared motherfucker (and probably only edited two of my stories in my academic career). You probably sat next to me in prerequisite journalism for two straight semesters and wouldn’t dare utter a word of contest in my presence, but so lavishly spewed such a purported role in “unleashing me into the world of journalism.” How benevolent of you, especially since SFSU’s Journalism Department is a joke and you probably cater to the elitism that seperates the real journalists, like myself and Russell Morse, with “college editors” like you who will only gain notoriety off their own hate (and my shine.) You better wish that I don’t find out who the fuck you are. Hatin-ass, racist-ass, bitch-ass, cracka-ass, lyin-ass, salty-ass mothafucka.

Clearly, that is one multi-tasking ass.

Bring on the HATE! [Guerilla Busfare]