“Put It In Your Mouth” Still Gets In Your Head

We somehow “forgot” to read Page Six this morning, but thankfully Goldenfiddle alerted us to this family-friendly item:

January 24, 2007 — IT looks like it’s over between Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel. Last weekend, Biel flirted with Justin Timberlake while Jeter was at Atlantis in the Bahamas for the Michael Jordan Golf Tournament, where Biel seemed to be the last thing on his mind. Saturday night, Jeter was “flirting madly” with Gabrielle Union , our source said. When DJ Cassidy played “Put It in Your Mouth” by Akinyle[sic], Jeter and Union dirty-danced before leaving together. A rep for Union said, “They are friends, but they did not hook up.”

Wow. Who knew this vulgar little number was still getting play? When it came out in 1996, it seemed like a way-too-late companion piece to As Nasty As They Wanna Be, only somehow more vulgar. Never did we imagine that it would still be getting presumably non-ironic nightclub play eleven years later, or that it would be the soundtrack to the blossoming love between an overpaid cologne pitchman and a former star of 7th Heaven. Still, at least it prompted a great response track.

A NEW UNION? [Page Six]

  • Ozzy

    Remember: this was a club in Bahamas. Any moment NOT soundtracked by Buster Poindexter’s ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ is a precious one.

    (sidenote: Is Jeter working on a 7th Heaven triple play? Watch out Haylie Duff!)

  • afriedman

    ah “put it in your mouth”, still the only song whose bridge is about analingus.

  • brainchild

    this song will never die, thankfully. it’s one of the greatest smut-rap songs ever.

  • mickeyprecious

    I get SO excited when I first hear that soft reggae twangs of that song – wafting through the club – all the while a smooth female voice is singing “I said, I said, I saaaaaid..”

    You get your first hint as to the song’s content when this lovely opening is followed by a gravel-voiced brother saying “yeah, tell ‘em what the fuck you said bitch!”

    Oh, and there’s also the iconic, “I be like Herbie and hand you a cock.” Love that line.

    And on the subject of that video – if someone could re-sequence it to make it appear that those demonic blue puppets (and various animals at the end) were actually encouraging you to “Put it in Your Mouth” (in your motherfuckin’ mouth), then that would probably be the greatest video known to mankind.