Videodrone: Who Nu That Korn Could Get Any Worse?

Jan 25th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Think about the last 48 hours of your life, and ask yourself, “What crime did I commit?” Maybe you stole stationery from work again, or perhaps you went on another dognapping spree. But you must have done something, because why else would we be posting this new Korn/Amy Lee video, in which they perform a chilled-out “Freak On A Leash” on MTV Unplugged? Karma is a cruel, unpredictable force, and sometimes it takes the form of a guy in a horse-head playing the piano.

Korn and Amy Lee – Freak On A Leash [YouTube]

  1. FionaScrapple

    And it ends! Not with a bang, but a whiny-ass whimper.

    Thank You God!

  2. PengIn

    Hey, I had that stationary coming to me. The envelopes, too.

  3. Matthew Perpetua

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, it’s better than the original, right? And they’re trying, right? And Amy Lee has a nice voice, right? She’s certainly easier to look at than Jonathan Davis, who resembles a pervy middle school teacher gone to seed. But it’s still totally ridiculous, and not in a fun way.

  4. papercoversrock

    Did they replace the dude who went Christian with Adam Duritz? And is that Mark Linkous on piano?

  5. Brian Raftery

    I’m not a fan, but if rock radio still had any impact, I bet this would be a big hit.

  6. RedMetal

    At about 2:30 it goes all Robert Plant- Jimmy Page UnLedded with Amy Lee as Namja Akhtar. The Kilted One’s “ooh! ah!” were just dumb. Amy was good but seemed to be holding back. My kid (10), a Korn fan, ignored it (Naruto was on) and his friend (12) bailed about 90 seconds in. Wasn’t the worst thing I ever saw.

  7. Falconfire

    Of course she was holding back… she can actually sing and has a pretty powerful voice to boot.

    Completely UNLIKE Davis who just knows how to goran and grunt and masterbate the mike up his ass.

  8. blogsR4dogs josh

    Korn…. MTV Unplugged….

    I’d like to think that Amy Lee would use her magic time machine for good rather than evil.

  9. Ned Raggett

    There’s worse coming out later, folks. Another guest act at this performance was…the Cure. Robert, why do you do this to yourself? And all of us?

  10. Slappy McJackass

    Whoa, first Erc Schaeffer whacking off with olive oil over on Gawker, and now this. Did Nick Denton wake up on the wrong side of his Soho loft this morning? No one deserves this.

  11. Mike Barthel

    This is totally awesome if you think of it as an ironic cover. Way better than all those ironic gansta-rap covers. Ironic cover of Nookie now please!

    This does reinforce my suspicion that Amy Lee only does one thing with her voice anymore, though.

  12. sparkletone

    The barks of “Go!” during the bridge/breakdown/whatever was when I finally couldn’t contain the laughter anymore.

  13. MosH8ed

    Stupid Music Trivia: Terry Bozzio is actually playing drums for Korn throughout this un-plugged session… not that anyone else cares or anything.

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