Next Time, We’ll Do A Little Research: Idolator’s After-The-Fact-Checking Department

Jan 25th, 2007 // 2 Comments

In the spirit of spreading correct information around the Internet (a novel concept, we know), we present updates on two recent stories that have lit up the blogosphere:

1. Remember that “every musician ever is gay” post from the other day? It’s smelling more and more fake by the second. (Yeah, okay, we should have known.) Joe. My. God. is digging up the link between Flyleaf fan Donnie Davies and an actor named Todd Quillen. [via Merry Swankster]
2. That “leaked Bonnaroo lineup” with The Police, Tom Waits, and [your favorite band here]? It’s a phony, and that debunking is so Monday.


  1. RedMetal

    Too bad. I was still researching my “Underoath Battles Kwaanza-time Gay Rumors on mtvnews” update when the debunk broke. Zakk Wylde is still gay, however.

  2. Josh Mock

    What the hell is up with fake festival lineup announcements? Who starts them and who actually believes them?

    It only took once or twice before I stopped believing what people said until I could read it right on the festival’s site.

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