Just Who Is This Mia Rose Woman, Anyway?

Jan 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Today is the 19th birthday of Mia Rose, a blandly pretty U.K. singer whose karaoke versions of hits like “Breakaway” have caused quite the YouTube stir; her channel has reached No. 4 on the site’s all-time musicians’ chart (she’s right behind OK Go, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and a Wisconsin record label) a mere four weeks after its debut. Pretty impressive, right?

Well, maybe not.

We first heard about Mia earlier this week, when a post calling her “YouTube’s next diva” showed up on the popularity wire Digg. It was written in a particularly noxious press-release style that set off a red flag, particularly because it went to great pains to praise Mia’s “authenticity.” As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones unconvinced by the guitar-wielding singer’s ability to draw fans from all over the YouTube universe. The video linked above is from a user who went through some of Mia’s 34,316 subscribers and found a common thread among many of them: They hadn’t watched a single video on the site–not even one of Mia’s, even though their subscription to her channel would suggest at least a vague interest in checking at least one clip out.

So what is behind Mia’s sudden rise to popularity? Are people just going to YouTube to give her blind support, or did her managers hire a popularity-inflation company like FakeYourSpace, which supplies friend-starved users of MySpace and Friendster with readymade pals? And if her popularity was a creation of some management company, don’t you think they’d be savvy enough to pick a name that hadn’t already been used by a porn star (very NSFW) and an air freshener.

Mia Rose aka Lonelygirl15 EXPOSED! [YouTube]


  1. tigerpop

    She may be hot on YouTube (sort of), but she might want to find a way to bump herself up in the Google rankings–turns out there’s another Mia Rose, one who works mostly in Van Nuys, if you know what I’m saying…

  2. edf13of14

    “some of Mia’s 34,316 subscribers and found a common thread among many of them: They hadn’t watched a single video on the site”

    That’s how I found her.
    I was anonymously watching youtube videos when I found Mia and instantly fell in love.
    Youtube will track your views only if you are logged in. I joined only after watching tons of Mia. Good fory YouTube. Good for me.
    She rocks.

  3. nononsense14

    I am totally on the same boat as “edf13of14″ in which I only recently signed up for youtube because of esmee denters & then came across mia and wanted to be able to save them to my “favorites” which is only allowed if you have an account.

    Im sure there is some conspiracy behind her instant fame overnight on youtube, but there may also be a twist in your findings b/c of people like me and edf13of14…..AND by google postings like this that may intrigue people to check out mia rose and signup on youtube.

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