The Vault: Bram Tchaikovsky’s Sweet “Dreams”

Jan 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

bramcover.jpgWe’ve gone almost two weeks without posting a late-’70s power-pop track, so we figure the coast is finally clear for Bram Tchaikovsky’s “Girl Of My Dreams,” the 1979 single that was requested earlier this month. Bram Tchaikovsky was actually Peter Bramall, a British singer-guitarist who put out three mod-inspired albums under the Tchaikovsky name. “Girl” was his biggest hit, even landing in the U.S. Top 40 charts; it’s featured on just about every power-pop compilation you’ve ever owned:

Bram Tchaikovsky – Girl Of My Dreams [MP3, link expired]


  1. Jack Fear

    An amazing song. Wears its Who fixation proudly on its sleeve, but gets away with it through sheer charm and energy.

    Opinions and interpretations: Who or what is Bram’s “girl”? Many writers seem to think it’s a porn centerfold, but it seems clear to me from the lyrics that he’s talking about a blow-up doll…

  2. ecoboy_wmc

    I remember the day I turned around for what seemed like 30 seconds at my DJ gig, and turned back to find that someone had dropped/flicked a lit cigarette on my picture sleeve 7″ of this song.

    I had the LP at the time, but was so devoted to the song, I still have the thing, charred-brown-and-black-hole through sleeve, vinyl, and all…

  3. Jupiter8

    Bram also used to be in the Motors (first two records). Radar Records used to be da bomb…

  4. Spiny Norman

    Oh, wow! Now you have me wishing for a double helping of the Dwight Twilley Band again. Here’s a shout to Jupiter8: Radar Records was indeed da bomb and a half. Right up there with Stiff.

  5. frankenslade

    Man, this song blew my mind when I was 16. I couldn’t wait for its rare appearances on the radio. Finally I bought the full album, and beside “Girl of My Dreams” it was unlistenable.

  6. Moonshine Mike

    I remember when this record came out, RS gave it a good review, and it received some airplay, but not much. Great riff though.

    I also own no power pop compilations.

  7. maxeythecat

    Hey, how about posting the entire album? From start to finish, “Strange Man Changed Man” is an absolute gem of a record and should be a must-have standard to any popophile’s collection. There’s also a video of Bram and the band playing on Midnight Special ( I was there)…fantastic. If anyone can dig that one up, I’d be one happy camper!

    PS: Bram does the best version of “I’m a Believer” I’ve ever heard and that includes the original by the Monkees!

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