Outro: A Week In Which Almost Everyone Reunited, And We Weren’t Sure If It Felt So Good

Jan 26th, 2007 // Comment

- Diamond Dave rejoins the Van Halen family, and we’re left with two questions: Can it last? And where’s Mike?
- And then there was the Coachella lineup, which served as a signal that ’90s retro is officially in style.
- Meanwhile, the Academy Awards nominations made the sexy penguins cry.
- American Idol‘s audition episodes continue to fly the freak flag.
- Since no one’s watching I’m From Rolling Stone, Krishtine De Leon has decided to embark on Plan B: Internet fame.
- That said, if she’s willing to work for free, we know a place that has openings.
- EMI is forcing Virgin and Capitol to come together, which only means one thing: It’s roster-trimming time.
- What’s standing in between the Shins and the top of the chart? Four dudes who love to do it.
- The RIAA: committed to the digital age.
- Finally, if you want to start your weekend with something good, here’s our advice: Don’t watch this.

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