If An Arcade Fire Record Leaks Without Making A Sound, Does It Exist?

Jan 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments

bible.jpgAfter finding out Friday that Neon Bible, the forthcoming album by the Arcade Fire, had snaked into a few of the Internet’s less reputable pipes, we were fully expecting to see the
Hype Machine and elbo.ws charts light up with MP3s from the album this morning. But the aggregators have been curiously low on mere mentions of the band, the album, and whether or not Win Butler was still answering the 866 number. So what happened? Did the muddy quality of the leak–which got it removed from a few “high-bitrate-only” filesharing sites–cause people to bide their MP3-posting time? Was there fear that the Web Sheriff would show up and show off his gunslinging ways? Or did bloggers actually show a little bit of restraint?

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The Arcade Fire [elbo.ws]


  1. tankboy

    I’m not saying I’ve heard this or not, but if I had the version I heard didn’t sound muddy. Also, not saying I’ve heard it still, but I’ll still be there the Tuesday it comes out to own my very own copy. Primarily because I heard some versions will come with a cool book, and nothing whets the insane collecting gene I seem to carry than than crazy pacakging.

  2. sparkletone

    A “friend of mine” downloaded it and “played it for me.” I do not possess these “filez.”

    In terms of quality, it’s not as bad as the early Shins leak, or the way early leak of the last TVOTR album.

    As to the music… I’ve only heard it twice, but I really, really like it.

    But then, I’m pretty hardcore as far as Arcade Fire fans go… So, easy to please, maybe? I didn’t pity the band the task of making a second album after Funeral (easily the hardest debut to follow up on since the first Strokes album). They seem to have gotten this album out of the way with aplomb.

  3. Jeff Weiss

    The first tracks are pretty poor rips. Black Mirror sounds like its being dragged through tar, but the thing picks up around track 6. It’s no Funeral. Big surprise there. But its no failure. I think it’ll get crazy unchecked praise in some quarters just because some people write about these guys to tell whether or not Win Butler ties his shoelaces with one or two knots. But it probably won’t deserve the hate some people will give it just because its not as good as one of the best albums made in the decade. I’m waiting to reserve final judgment on it because it may be a grower. But I found it at least on the first few listens really dreary and forced, and occasionally pretty great.

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