The Vault: Neil Young’s “Beach” Party

Jan 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments

We can only guess what material will be included when Neil Young finally releases his long-promised Archives box set this year–we still think it may be a big joke, and Neil’s just going to put out eight discs of Landing On Water outtakes–but we’re hoping this 1974 live set will make the final cut. Recorded at an impromptu gig at New York’s Bottom Line, it features a handful of songs from On The Beach, Young’s initially maligned masterpiece, and an album that rarely got played live. The entire set makes for perfect Tuesday-morning listening–that is, if you like to spend your Tuesday mornings listening to songs about the soul-sucking nature of fame and the Manson killings.

Neil Young – Helpless (Live at the Bottom Line 1974) [MP3, link expired]
Neil Young – Revolution Blues (Live at the Bottom Line 1974)) [MP3, link expired]
Neil Young – On The Beach (Live at the Bottom Line 1974)) [MP3, link expired]
Citizen Kane Junior Blues [BigO]

  1. pjohn

    at some point near the end of that show, neil tells a long drawn out story that includes his recipe for honeyslides – the honey/weed combo that apparently fueled the recording of one or two of his albums. of course all the directions come in the form of – get your old lady to do this / get your old lady to do that.

    pretty funny.

  2. SirLoin

    “Helpless” is one of the greatest songs ever written.

  3. sparkletone

    As heretickal as it might be to say this, my favorite version of On The Beach that I’ve heard is probably the one radiohead did for some radio appearance or other.

    (But it’s also one of my favorite Neil Young songs in general)

    Definitely anxious to see the tracklisting for the box set.

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