Mariah Carey’s “Playboy” Cover: Like A Mary Carey Campaign Ad, But Classier

Jan 30th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Editor 1: So for this music issue, we need someone who’s not a porn star, per se, but who’s highly reminiscent of a porn star.
Editor 2: Right.
Editor 1: Somebody who’s done so many racy photo shoots, readers might be led to believe that she actually posed nude for us.
Editor 2: I’ve got the perfect person! She’s a big star, she dresses like one of Rick James’ back-up dancers, and she loves self-promotion!
Editor 1: Great! Just make sure you work in a Kasabian reference on the cover…those guys are newsstand magic!

Mariah Carey on the Cover of Playboy []

  1. Anonymous

    didn’t this happen already to some celebrity who objected to her picture being on the cover of Playboy because it implied that she was posing nude on the inside?

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Yes, throwbot – I was just going to write this – it was Jessica Alba, and I believe she sued or at least threatened to do so. Which makes me suspect that Carey’s people negotiated this. I suppose the “20 Q[uestions]” tagline is supposed to say to the reader, “We didn’t actually get her to take it all off, surprising as that sounds since this is Mariah, music’s biggest ho-bag.”

  3. Breliant

    Can Mary Carey sue?

  4. IvyLeagueMetalhead

    What, Courtney Love wasn’t available?

  5. Signal to Noise

    dennis – oh, Alba definitely did threaten to sue. I know it moves copies off the newstand, but it’s almost like false advertising for Playboy to have a cover model that doesn’t appear nude.

    IvyLeague – airbrushing can’t help THAT.

  6. BlimpyMcFlah

    but, like, who WANTS to see Mariah’s gristle flippers?

  7. Hyman Decent

    “Sexiest Comeback”? Isn’t her comeback ancient history by now?

  8. Anonymous

    HYMAN DECENT, yes, her comeback happened in 2005, but the writer of this post is a bit behind. This cover and story is a year old!!! I don’t know why it’s currently being discussed!

    And DENNISOBELL, “since this is Mariah, music’s biggest ho-bag” … isn’t that a bit harsh? I think Mariah has a lot more to offer than her body, like vocals. Other sluts in the industry like Madonna or Jennifer López have to sleeze it up to sell, making up for the lack of vocal ability.

    All the other girl singers in the industry walk around wearing next to nothing in all of their music videos.

    Don’t be so hard on Mariah. At least she can sing. She is a singer, after all…

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