Aggregated Assault: What The Music Blogs Are Posting Right Now

Jan 30th, 2007 // 4 Comments

- New York City hardcore kids make an appearance on a heated 1986 episode of Donahue. [Cigar Box Guitars; more info about the clip here]
- Two tracks from the not-at-all-depressing new Low album. [Harmonium]
- Did 2 Live Crew ruin Southern rap forever? [The Passion Of The Weiss]
- A tribute to Truly, the forgotten grunge super-group featuring ex-members of Soundgarden and Screaming Trees. [Lamestain]

  1. katesilver

    Can someone please post footage of the NY club kids on Geraldo? That was classic.

  2. Paolo

    what an awesome video.

  3. Paolo

    How about the club kids on Joan Rivers? Or GG Allin and club kids on Jane Whitney?

  4. millwhistle

    This put me in mind of Fear & Co. on SNL in 1981. Awesome.

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