Liner Notes: Linkin Park Prepares For Yet Another Alienating Experience

Jan 31st, 2007 // 8 Comments

eddie-chewing-iron-maiden.jpg.w180h222.jpg- Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance are co-headlining a “metal” festival with Iron Maiden. We’re betting Chester Bennington takes one look at Eddie and breaks into a whiny song about being scared. [NME]
- Does the world really need another Eagles album? No matter: In the next “60 to 90 days,” it’ll get one, according to Don Henley. [Reuters via NYT]
- Katharine McPhee’s latest inspiration: Clue, the movie. [MTV via VH1]


  1. noamjamski

    There may be more in common between Maiden and Linkin Park than first meets the eye.

    “When you can’t find the words to say ‘it’s hard to make it through another day,’ well it makes me want to cry and throw my hands up to the sky!”
    -Iron Maiden “Wasted Years”

  2. Mike P.

    Nice Clue joke.

    “I’m gonna go home and sleep with my wife!”

  3. Ned Raggett

    There may be more in common between Maiden and Linkin Park than first meets the eye.

    Good call, sir — I muttered something like that once.

  4. h. ross piroshky

    you know, you’re not wrong…

    but why is it awesome when Bruce does it, and annoying as all get-out when Chester Bennington does it? i guess it’s an issue of age and personal taste?

  5. noamjamski

    There is a reason Maiden is still huge. They are just undeniably awesome.

    It heartens me that in ANOTHER 25 years from now, kids who will have never heard of Linkin Park will STILL be wearing Number of the Beast t-shirts.

    Tastes and flavors change, but awesome albums are still awesome albums. 23 years later Powerslave is still one of the greatest Metal albums ever made, despite the 1000′s of awesome Metal albums recorded since…..

  6. KeBove

    I think I love Clue a little too much. You actually got me to read an article about Katharine McPhee by mentioning. I feel a little ashamed.

  7. Hertz32

    Give me Live after Death and Im set.

  8. FionaScrapple

    7th son of a 7th son…great or greatest?

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