Who Charted?: Pretty Ricky Would Like To Thank All Their Sexy, Sexy Fans

Jan 31st, 2007 // 7 Comments

latenight.jpgWhat more can be said about Pretty Ricky, the lascivious Miami quartet who took the top spot on the chart this week? Their latest album, Late Night Special, sold 132,000 copies last week, and that probably still won’t be enough to make them wear shirts under their marching-band jackets. (Guys, it’s winter! You’ll catch your death!)

Biggest Debuts: The Shins’ Wincing The Night Away wound up selling 118,000 copies and notching a No. 2 debut–the highest ever for its label, Sub Pop. (The previous record for the label had been set by The Afghan Whigs’ Black Love, which entered the chart at No. 79.) A hefty 30% of the Shins’ sales came from digital retailers. We’re suspecting that wasn’t the case for the No. 4 album, 2007 Grammy Nominees, a ragtag collection of 2006 songs (“Bad Day,” “You’re Beautiful”) that are up for awards at next Sunday night’s big ceremony. Finally, John Mellencamp managed to enter the chart at No. 5, despite the world being against him.

Biggest Slides: It was a bad week to be a movie-associated album: Fresh off its Best Picture shutout, the Dreamgirls soundtrack suffered a 14.6% sales decline and a dip to No. 6, while the soundtrack for the Disney Channel boxing/jump-rope flick Jump In! slid 23%, landing at No. 9.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: America will never run out of people who want, but don’t own, Daughtry: The Nickelbackian American Idol castoff dropped from No. 1 to No. 3 on the chart, but his album’s overall sales increased by 23%.

Pretty Ricky’s ‘Special’ Delivery Tops Chart [Billboard.biz]

  1. katesilver

    If the band jacket and bare chest is an ode to Breakin’s Turbo, I love ‘em already.

  2. Ned Raggett

    The previous record for the label had been set by The Afghan Whigs’ Black Love, which entered the chart at No. 79

    ? Surely that was on Elektra/WEA. (Because by that standard then Sub Pop has topped the charts numerous times thanks to Nirvana.)

  3. MikeBrownDelendaEst

    Black Love was on Elektra, as was the album prior to it, Gentlemen. The last whigs record on SubPop was Congregation, which debuted with 330 units, hardly chart worthy (though a great album regardless).

    Bleach debuted pre-soundscan, so it’s debut wouldn’t have been counted.

    The postal service just missed the top 200 in the debut of Give Up.

    Highest I can find was Sleater-Kinney which debuted at 80th with Woods in 2005. Shins previous high was 86 for Chutes to Narrow.

    Fact check much idolator?

  4. Maura Johnston

    black love is actually a co-release. at least, both logos are on my copy.

  5. Ned Raggett

    Might just be a points thing — IIRC that was part of the deal with Nirvana signing to Geffen was that Sub Pop both had its logo appear on subsequent releases and got a cut of the cash, thus enabling them to survive bankruptcy. Maybe they figured they’d strike gold twice with the Afghan Whigs.

  6. 30f

    Before their first album dropped back in 2005, Atlantic was calling the group “Pretty Rickie & the Maverix” and one of the guys in the group was actually named Pretty Rickie. To avoid any country confusion, they then floated the name “305″ for a while and then wisely realized that the area code named urban groups were already saturating the market (not even mentioning 112 which must be some kind of international dialing). Then Atlantic dropped the “Maverix,” changed the “Rickie” to “Rickey” and gave them their current names – Baby Blue, Slick’Em, Spectacular, and Pleasure as well as the left-over uniforms.

    My favorite lyric is “I’m a young man, but my d&%k grown up. /
    I like to beat it open with your legs sho’ up

    Maverix, indeed.

  7. Chris Molanphy

    Two clarifying points:

    Black Love is a Sub Pop album the way Whip-Smart is a Matador album – the latter backed by Atlantic money, the former by Elektra money, but both co-branded. For Billboard/industry purposes, they both count toward the indie label in question, because as far as the industry is concerned the indie “worked” the record more than the major did. Anyway, it’s all moot now, because Shins are Sub Pop’s all the way.

    • Sub Pop’s two biggest-selling albums of all time, Bleach and Give Up, sold steadily and under the radar, hence neither charted very high on the Billboard 200. Bleach, whatever its buzz in indie circles in ’89-’90, didn’t chart at all till after Nevermind. And Give Up is remarkable for never having broken into the top 100 of the album chart yet selling over 500K, gradually, over more than two years. Both were tortoises; Wincing is a hare.

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