Lookout (Super Bowl) Weekend: Bringing Some Freestyle ToThe Big Game

Jan 31st, 2007 // 1 Comment

sueprbowl.jpgUpset by the inclusion of the now-neutered Billy Joel in this year’s Super Bowl entertainment lineup, the bloggers at Just Sayin have come up with their own Miami-style version of the day’s entertainment. Not only do they put Luther Campbell in the national-anthem slot (we don’t doubt he’d sprinkle in a little “Banned In The USA”), their halftime vision is almost better than a Prince performance:

Debbie Deb, Expose, Freestyle, Nice N Wild. Have you ever wanted to hear “Don’t Stop the Rock” at a party but you don’t want to go to Jersey? Put on some leopard print and touch up your fade. Jim Nantz will have no fucking clue what’s going on after he sees special guest Jellybean Benitez do a bump of yay off Debbie Deb’s decrepit nipple on national TV.

Unsurprisingly, we love this idea–especially because recasting “Diamond Girl” as an ode to a Super Bowl ring makes the line “You fit right on my finger / I’m so glad to have me in you” at least a little less disgusting.

Nice N’ Wild – Diamond Girl [MP3, link expired]
Point Of No Return [Just Sayin]

  1. MosH8ed

    HAHAHAHA!!! Diamond Girl! All the Arabic kids in my high school would “bump” this song relentlessly back in the day!

    “Yeah right, whiteboy, what do you know about freestyle? Wulla bro, if you have a problem with freestyle, you have a problem with me!”

    Thanks for the memories Idolator!

    side note: the city where I went to high school in has the largest population of Arab-Americans in the US, I’m not just being a jerk.

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