Apparently, Even “Cool” People Are Not Immune To Charms Of Justin Timberlake

Feb 7th, 2007 // 13 Comments

jtsexybehind.jpgToday’s New York Times has some shocking news about the fanbase of Justin Timberlake:

Youthful urbanites who normally wouldn’t admit to filling their iPods with anything remotely Top 40, let alone the music of a performer who can sell out Madison Square Garden, as Mr. Timberlake, 26, did for tonight’s show, are suddenly unashamed of their copies of “Justified,” his first solo album, or “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” his recent chart-topper produced by Timbaland. Members of the Flaming Lips, Coldplay and Keane have come to his shows, and his music is a staple of cooler-than-thou fashion week.

On Monday, at an after-party for the Marc Jacobs show at the club Eugene, the D.J. Duane Harriott played “SexyBack,” and the crowd of models, art directors, designers and other insider types hit the dance floor with abandon. “It’s a timeless song,” Mr. Harriott said, favorably comparing it to the Michael Jackson tune he spun next.

Pete Wentz, the bassist for Fall Out Boy, said at the party: “The cool thing about Justin Timberlake is that he’s one of those dudes who can dance, sing, do everything. I went to a Victoria’s Secret show, and he played there, and people loved it. You can go to hipster clubs, and they like it. I think at first they liked him ironically, but now they just like him.”

We’re looking forward to the splashy Sunday Styles exposé on the rise of “justipsters,” illustrated by shots of Williamsburg partygoers stomping on disco balls while wearing fedoras. (They’ll all be barefoot, though, to make it edgy.)

Timberlake, Pop Juggernaut, Is Gaining Some Unusual Fans [NYT]

  1. Ned Raggett

    If ever there was definitive proof I’m not a NYTimes-approved hipster.

  2. Halfwit

    Don’t hate. The guy’s had at lease one good and one great song off of each of the albums, which is more than I can say for Band of Horses (oh, snap!)

  3. Halfwit

    Did I just write “lease”? Yes, yes I think I did…

  4. mike a

    let alone the music of a performer who can sell out Madison Square Garden

    You mean like the Beastie Boys or Wilco?

    Seriously, there’s nothing new about self-proclaimed music snobs selectively crowing about Top 40 pop. Britney Spears had a semi-hipster sub-audience between her first and second album – remember all the “Baby One More Time” covers? Even Richard Thompson covered “Oops! I Did It Again.” Going back further, Madonna had hipster cred right up to Like A Prayer, and I remember hearing Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams” played unironically on college radio.

    So maybe Justin’s unique for being one of the few male pop idols accepted by the hipster crowd. Somewhere, Robbie Williams is gnashing his teeth in pure jealousy.

  5. Ned Raggett

    which is more than I can say for Band of Horses (oh, snap!)

    You have mistaken me for someone who doesn’t want to dig a deep hole to bury them in.

  6. Robbie Analog

    If JT’s good enough for Pete Wentz, he’s good enough for me. Enough said.

  7. KurticusMaximus

    Sexyback? My Love is way better.

    And an Idolator post which mentions Pete Wentz with nary an upturned-nose in sight? Whatever are you people coming to?

  8. The Mozfather

    Once again, I am TAUNTED with all this Pete Wentz talk that is not about his penis.

  9. Sleepyhead

    Whooooooo!! Justiiiiiiinnnnnn! (….Yeah, me too. And I am really, really hip.)

  10. Chris Molanphy

    This is not a terrible article, but it shows why Times pieces like this shouldn’t be written by people who aren’t Kelefa Sanneh. The core thesis — hipsters [heart] Justin — is fundamentally correct (if a little old), but the examples the author uses prove nothing. Coldplay? Keane? I’m not a hater (and definitely no hipster), but those bands were never hipster faves, and Flaming Lips are a little long in the tooth even among hipsters. The Pitchfork thing is a little more on-target, but those guys gave Annie their favorite single a year ago; so it’s not like they haven’t gone down the pop road before.

    Anyway, I suspect Sanneh would’ve been a bit less glib, or at least defined his terms better.

  11. Halfwit


    Actually, the first Coldplay album (Parachutes) did have a fair amount of indie cred (before Garden State, even). It was part of that whole Doves/Travis wave of British alternative rock.

  12. Reidicus

    Phew, my permission for slip for Kelly Clarkson was just about to expire.

  13. Zach Isso

    Left out of the article, the Michael Jackson track the DJ played was “Tabloid Junkie.” The DJ was unaware that Michael Jackson created music before 1993 until reached for comment. The APHU (American Professional Hipsters Union) is outraged that non-member and enemy Pete Wentz was referred to being not only cool, but associated with their occupation. Plans for a lawsuit on grounds of defamation are apparently in the works. It still puzzles me how people could like Justified or Futuresex/Lovesounds, as it just created pain for my ears.

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