Axl Rose Prepares To Plunge Back Into The Music-Video World

Feb 7th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Yesterday, we asked if anybody had heard anything about Chinese Democracy, which is supposedly due out in less than a month. One tipster sent this mini-update:

I can definitely tell you that a completed, fully mastered (not the patchy internet version thats been floating around for awhile) track of “Better” is being sent around to various directors to write for a music video. No real idea on when its looking to be shot but definitely very soon. The song btw, is actually pretty fantastic.

Hmmm. We’ll believe it when we see it, but we have some words of warning for any director hoping to work with Axl: Don’t look him in the eye, don’t ask him when the record’s coming out, and by all means, don’t tell him that there’s not enough money in the budget for a dolphin-wrangler.

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  1. noamjamski

    In a gripping moment in the Therapist’s office, his corn rows are going to “shake hands” with the straight hair of their past.

  2. stopmikelupica

    When “Estranged” first came out, I was confused by the video. Alot of people were at the time. Then five years later we all realized that it was just Axel’s predicting the coming of Elian Gonzales (insert Cuban Democracy joke).

  3. Hertz32

    The swimming with dolphins was always where I assumed Axl had completely lost touch with reality. Wasnt this supposed to be part of a grandiose trilogy of music videos along with November Rain and Dont Cry?

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