The Vault: Sun Kil Moon Kills It

Feb 7th, 2007 // 4 Comments

skmoon.jpgWe were all set to go into an apropos-of-nothing rant about Ghosts Of The Great Highway, the excellent 2003 fuzz-folk album for former Red House Painters singer Mark Kozelek . But then a random MySpace look-up revealed that the album was actually re-issued just last week. So either we’re psychic, or simply blessed with prescient indie-rock timing.

Sun Kil Moon – Lily And Parrots [MP3, link removed]
Sun Kil Moon [MySpace]


  1. Anonymous

    I also just got this on vinyl a few days ago. It doesn’t have the six bonus songs, but damn if that gatefold isn’t nice…
    Speaking of fuzz-y Mark Kozalek, when in god’s holy name is he going to release something from Retribution Gospel Choir??

  2. Hamm Beerger

    Song link is trying to go to “title.mp3″ which doesn’t seem to exist.

  3. Robbie Analog

    “Tiny Cities” is another good one from Sun Kil Moon. All Modest Mouse covers — though if you didn’t already know the Modest Mouse songs you would never guess they were covers. Nice arrangements, though dull at times.

  4. Agro

    I bust “Salvador Sanchez” almost daily.

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