Once Again, Pete Wentz’s Oversharing Gets Him Into Trouble

Feb 8th, 2007 // 5 Comments

petey.jpgLaura at The Modern Age points to a Vice interview with Pete Wentz that was on the site for a day before being taken down. She’s curious if the interview got pulled because it was fake, or because Island Records was shocked by Wentz copping to taking downers and kicking down hotel-room doors. Or maybe it’s how the interview starts off with a bang:

VICE: On a scale of one to ten how much do you enjoy anal sex?
Pete Wentz:
(Without hesitating) Ten.

Later, Wentz cops to some rockstar-by-the-book behavior:

Come on, you’ve sold like 36 million records. Specifics please.
Err… Well the other night we got back to the hotel and I had a lady friend back with me.

No, no! I was a little drunk and had taken a few downers to get me to sleep and we’d ordered a load of room service that just didn’t turn up so I went down to the kitchen to try and see what the deal was and got really lost. I made my way back to the room somehow and was knocking on the door but no one answered. I got kinda mad and started kicking the door down ‘cos I thought the chick was, like, robbing me or something. All of a sudden her head pops out of the door opposite and she’s like freaking out going: “You’ve just kicked down 602. We’re 603.”

Oh, those wacky bass-playing lyricists. Honestly, there’s nothing here that’s too outlandish, especially in the Vice context. Unless it’s the revelation of Wentz’s foreplay techniques from years past that’s freaking the label out–after all, “dry hump her to try and get her into it” is way below “nude self-portraits” on the list of sensitive-guy ways to get a young lady into the mood.

FALL OUT BOY – Q&A [vice.typepad.com, via The Modern Age]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Is that his Myspace photo? “I’m sensitive! I like anal sex and Morrissey!”

  2. Kate Richardson

    I’m sad that I know this…it’s actually the intro shot to his nude pics series. It’s really the kind of picture that makes you want to see a dude’s penis. Ladies? Am I right?

  3. sovietpanda

    via me

  4. gorillavsmarykate

    I thought I WAS looking at a penis. And on top of that, Morrissey and nude pictures don’t really go together.

  5. The Mozfather

    I’m sorry, but Morrisey + Pete Wentz penis makes my heart go boom-boom. Thank you so much for this posting, Idolator!

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