Late Rapper Big Pun Goes From Classy To Ashy

Feb 8th, 2007 // 2 Comments

bigpun.jpgYesterday was the seventh anniversary of the death of rapper Big Pun, and tonight, his friends and family are going to celebrate in style:

PROMOTERS of tonight’s tribute to Big Pun at Duvet in Chelsea are crowing that “as a special added touch,” the mountain-size South Bronx rapper, who died seven years ago yesterday, “will be in the house – for real.” His wife, Liza Rios, and son, performer Baby Pun, plan to have the hip-hop star’s ashes on display. “It’s so people who weren’t able to attend his funeral can come and pay their respects,” said Jerry Vargas of Miranda Movies, which is filming the event for a documentary. But one fan said, “It does seem a bit macabre.”

Granted, the death of a talented young artist is something that should be handled with sensitivity, even after a few years have passed. But let’s be grown-ups here and admit that we’re all thinking the exact same thing: That has got to be one big-ass urn.

Rapper Returns [Page Six]

  1. Hyman Decent

    The banner ad at the top of the page, right above this post as I read it, is for the American Heart Association (albeit about heart disease in women).

  2. CortneyH

    For a different take on Big Pun, check out Elizabeth Mendez-Berry’s excellent Vibe piece:

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