Videodrone: R. Kelly And Young Jeezy Get Trapped In The Walk-In Closet

Feb 8th, 2007 // 1 Comment

The clip for the Young Jeezy/R. Kelly duet “Go Getta” is, as one might expect, full of comely ladies; it’s also home to some of the most painful product placement we’ve seen since Mike Myers got a Nuprin from Dana Carvey. Watch as Young Jeezy hikes up his leg to show off the “GUCCI” on his shoe’s bottom–he looks pretty uncomfortable, no? Maybe he’s just setting up the scenario for his next video, when he takes Timbaland on a “3 A.M.” Duane Reade run for some Advil.

Young Jeezy – Go Getta (Feat. R Kelly) (DIRTY) [Onsmash, via XXL]

  1. peabo

    the only thing you could think up to write about this video is the (relatively-lite) product placement? and 3am duane reed run joke was a stretch. just take a deep breath, and put some effort in next time.

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