Coming Soon To Your Tivo: Terrible, Terrible Rap Music

Feb 9th, 2007 // 1 Comment

tivolars.jpgWe had a couple of surprises when we updated the Tivo at the Idolator flophouse this morning: For one thing, it “suggested” that we watch fourteen hours of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl III. But even more intriguing was the fact that our Tivo Central featured an advertisement for MC Lars, the Brooklyn-based rapper whose “Weird Al” homage “Download This Song” takes a few swings at the RIAA. It’s the first time we can recall seeing a music-related advertisement on Tivo, and considering that the company usually promotes car companies and movie studios, we’re curious as to how Lars and his label (Nettwerk) afforded the space (we’re also wondering if Tivo is now specifically targeting music nerds with its advertisements). Whatever the case, being stuck with the “Download” video was almost as bad as the time our Tivo picked up Real Sex 28: Old People Are Doin’ It!

MC Lars [MySpace]

  1. chrisb

    You should watch that Puppy Bowl recording! That was unquestionably the finest program on TV last weekend.

    Apologies. Back to the music…

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