MTV Refuses To Allow “Rolling Stone” Reality Show To Die With Dignity

It’s been a month since the low-rated debut of MTV’s I’m From Rolling Stone, the reality show that gives viewers the chance to watch spoiled, self-entitled brats in their natural habitat. But the program’s few remaining fans are going to have a hard time keeping up with a series, as the network has apparently dumped it into a series of dead-zone time-slots.

Keep in mind that the show’s original time-slot was 10 p.m. on Sundays–not exactly a sign of confidence, considering that some episodes would have to be pre-empted for both the Super Bowl and the Grammys. And now, according to TV Guide’s website, the show’s been demoted even more:

“There’s Something Rotten in Denmark” (New)* Sun, Feb 11 (11:00 PM)
“Flip the Script” (New) Sun, Feb 18 (11:00 PM)
“I Am the Star and I Shine” Tue, Feb 13 (2:00 AM)
“There’s Something Rotten in Denmark” Tue, Feb 13 (2:30 AM)
“I Am the Star and I Shine” Thu, Feb 15 (11:00 AM)
“There’s Something Rotten in Denmark” Thu, Feb 15 (11:30 AM)
“There’s Something Rotten in Denmark” Wed, Feb 21 (2:00 AM)
“Flip the Script” Wed, Feb 21 (2:30 AM)
“There’s Something Rotten in Denmark” Wed, Feb 21 (11:00 AM)
“Flip the Script” Wed, Feb 21 (11:30 AM)

(*Despite what TV Guide says, the “Denmark” episode is not new)

We’re not programming experts, but we’re guessing that if you really want to give a show a boost among young viewers, putting it on hold for two weeks before slotting it exclusively into late-night and late-morning spots isn’t going to help much. It’s a shame, since we actually enjoyed the show, and were hoping that it would pick up enough of a following to justify a follow-up series, I’m From Rolling Stone, But Sometimes I Walk Past The Offices Of Us Weekly And Wonder, “Really, What’s The Difference Anymore?”

On a happier note, die-hard fans will be pleased to know that contestant Krishtine is doing pretty well, according to her blog:

And next week? You mothafuckas don’t even know. So far, Clyde Carson invited me to peep him at the House of Blues while he opens up for Game. That’s story 1, and story 2. Then on Tuesday, I’m interviewing the one and only Estevan Oriol, LA Cholo photographer-extraordinaire. That’s 3. Then Tech N9ne told me he’d be at the Key Club the night after. That’s story 4. Pretty good for my second official week in town.

A comped ticket for an opening act and an interview with a photographer? Mothafuckas not even knowing, indeed.

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