Videodrone: To Timbaland, All The World’s A Sample-Fest

Last week, Timbaland made an appearance on the DC morning show Elliott In The Morning where he was asked, point-blank, about the “stolen track” controversy that floated around the Internet last month. It’s worth a listen, if not only for his postmodern take on 2007 musical culture, embodied in the line “everybody samples from everybody else.” (That slightly familiar sound you just heard was Cultural Studies grad students all over the country cheering because they’ve found thesis support on how the Era of American Originality is officially kaput.) He makes a sort of convincing case on that front, although calling his detractors “crazy” and “idiot(s)” is probably not the best way to win Internet hearts and minds.

Timbaland’s answer to this “controversy” [YouTube, via XXL]
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