Listening Station: Ramona Córdova’s Urgent “Reply”

Feb 9th, 2007 // Comment

ramona_cordova.jpgBecause our promo-CD pile is oversized and unwieldy, it sometimes take us a while to catch up on new releases; why, just yesterday, we discovered that Guns N’ Roses released a second Use Your Illusion! But we really have no excuse for overlooking Ramona Córdova’s nearly-a-year-old The Boy Who Floated Freely, a dream-like folk-rock concept album, the plot of which we’re still sussing out. But this much we know: “Ramona” is actually singer-songwriter Ramón Alarcón, and his “Giver’s Reply,” below, starts out like a wedding hymn before turning into a parade march:

Ramona Córdova – Giver’s Reply [MP3, link expired]
Ramona Córdova [MySpace]


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