“I’m From Rolling Stone” Episode Guide, Part Five

Feb 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Apparently TV Guide‘s website needs some maintenance: Even though we were told that a new episode of I’m From Rolling Stone wouldn’t be on until Tuesday, those crafty programmers at MTV went ahead and aired one last night. Thankfully, Idolator intern Kate Richardson was there to answer that ancient Zen riddle: “If a low-rated reality show falls on a late-night Sunday slot, and nobody’s there to watch it, does it make a sound? Or is it merely being passive-aggressively euthanized?”

Highlights from Episode 105, “I Am The Star And I Shine”:

- Intern Krystal regales the newsroom with her scandalous “Slug from Atmosphere totally hit on me, you guys!” war story; everyone is charmed, except for that wily editor Alex Mar, who asks, “But you got quotes about…him? Right?” Apparently she didn’t, as she has nothing in particular to say for the actual article.
- Krishtine complains that Rolling Stone is underestimating her, or, as she puts it, “They’re just trying to be like, ‘Oh, Krish has already interviewed all these big people. Let’s give her the little people! The little people!’” Russell seems unconvinced of her conspiracy theory.
- Tika’s webcam commentary provides a running shit-talk session throughout the episode, proving that one can be opinionated–and honestly, kind of mean–without being outright obnoxious.
- Krishtine wonders aloud to her Rolling Stone mentor, Austin Scaggs, why on earth Tika is so beloved. His advice: “Drama: unnecessary.” Side note: during this meeting Krishtine belches loudly mid-conversation twice, and it’s hard to tell whether Austin Scaggs is cool with it, or completely horrified.
- Tika brags to her mom about her superiority to the other interns, then blows a red carpet interview with Jay-Z by asking a vague question like, “How did Reasonable Doubt change hip-hop?”
- Krishtine notes that she “[has had] to come to terms with [her] divaness, [her] greatness, [her] coolness, [her] hard work.” Wait, what?
- Booze-loving Aussie Peter is still working on that Band of Horses story.

Most annoying intern of the episode: Krishtine. Because she still can’t seem to figure out what it is about herself that others find so irritating, and will probably never care.
Least annoying intern of the episode: Tika, because when she did mess up, she at least had the humility to openly admit it. And her article got published despite the slip-up.
Episode grade, on a Rolling Stone-like scale of three stars to three-and-a-half stars: Three Stars
Jann’s beard growth, on a scale of 1 to 10: N/A. And what a shame. What this show needs now more than ever is the curative properties of Jann’s beard.


  1. Chris Molanphy

    I stumbled across the episode last night too. I was rooting for Tika all the way. Clever (and typical reality-show) the way they set her up to be indomitable and then ended the episode with her Jay-Z implosion.

    I can’t get a handle on Krystal. Looking again at that cheesecake promo photo above, she appears to be positioning (literally) herself to play The Slut in the reality-show universe. But she’s actually pretty mild-mannered and un-party-girl like; I find myself half-respecting her (she could be working her looks harder to get stories) and half-thinking she’s too passive and lame. The Atmosphere-guy vignette sort of shows her strengths and flaws in one fell swoop: admirably restrained in not getting lured into screwing around with a subject; fairly ditzy for not thinking to get quotes and generally, y’know, do her job.

  2. nicoel

    Even my TiVo refuses to record it.

  3. heyzeus

    Thank you, Idolator, for forcing me to watch this terrible, pointless program. It’s safe to say that Krishtine represents everything wrong with my generation: self-obsessed, narcissistic, arrogant, yet talentless. This show isn’t even likeable from a trainwreck, Surreal Life viewpoint.

  4. Jude

    seriously now

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