Listening Station: My Teenage Stride Gives Us The Chills

Jedediah Smith is the Brooklyn-based songwriter behind the band My Teenage Stride, and listening to the band’s third full-length, Ears Like Golden Bats, you have to wonder just how much time he’s spent obsessing over the Trouser Press; Ears wears its influences like one-inch pins bearing the logos of Orange Juice and the Go-Betweens. We’ve been especially charmed by the haunting “Reversal” (think of what would happen if the Chills’ “Pink Frost” were turned upside down) and the manic, pogo-worthy “Chock’s Rally”:

My Teenage Stride – Reversal [MP3, link expired]My Teenage Stride – Chock’s Rally [MP3, link expired]My Teenage Stride [MySpace]