Videodrone: Fat Joe Combines Several Of Our Obsessions At Once

Feb 13th, 2007 // 4 Comments

At this point, you probably think that any new clip featuring Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, or T.I. automatically gets our attention–and, to be honest, you’re pretty much spot-on. But what are we supposed to do when confronted by a video in which Kels lounges around a blindingly white money-bed, and where T.I. hangs around Wall Street with a suitcase that just happens to be overflowing with cash, and where that hook keeps looping for infinity? We’re only human, people.

TOMORROW: An MP3 of Lil Wayne accidentally dialing the wrong number, and then politely hanging up.

Fat Joe, et. al – Make It Rain [YouTube] [via Nah Right]

  1. Weezy F Baby

    i’m convinced that scott storch is actually 12 years old, but wears those sunglasses and jewelery to fool everybody into thinking he’s older.. its like that movie Blank Check.

  2. pchc_lx

    Was that Dre? Did Dr. Dre just get money thrown at him?

  3. blobby

    Fat Joe: Overweight rapper by day, fireball-throwing superhero by night.

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