The Police Reunion Press Conference: Still No Sign Of Sting’s Lute

Feb 13th, 2007 // 4 Comments

In case you felt like reveling in yesterday’s announcement that the Police are, as everyone figured, heading out on the road this summer, we’ve found a somewhat glitchy 10-minute MP3 made up of highlights from the press conference. It’s got the obligatory snippet of “Roxanne,” as well as “Message In A Bottle,” “Can’t Stand Losing You,” and the declaration that “Best Buy is thrilled to be a part of the musical event of the decade.” Unfortunately, the part where Sting heatedly justifies the selection of Fiction Plane–the wan trio fronted by his son, Joe Sumner–as the tour’s opening act must have been cut out at the last minute.

The Police – Press Conference [MP3, link expired]
The Police announce reunion tour [LA Times]
[Photo: Getty Images]


  1. Ned Raggett

    I’m more than happy with all these photos that make Stewart Copeland seem like the star of the band.

  2. gorillavsmarykate

    Sting can’t, he can’t, he can’t stand losing lute.

  3. joshservo

    Stuart Copeland = Rock n’ Roll Ed Begley Jr.

  4. Mike Barthel

    Who the fuck are those people and why are they letting mountain biking enthusiasts host press conferences?

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