Who’s The Illest Rapper Of Them All?

Feb 14th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Another day, another Daily News blind item:

Which old-school emcee astounded hotel management by trashing a room so thoroughly there was vomit on the ceiling? “No one could work out how it is possible to vomit onto a ceiling,” marvels a snitch.

The hotel would have investigated further, but as we all know, you can’t dust for vomit.

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Ben Widdicome’s Gatecrasher [NYDailyNews.com]


  1. janine

    Flavor Flaaaav!

  2. DavidWatts

    Jossip is running this same thing, but with a picture of Dick Clark. Like, that kind of emcee. Blinderer and blinderer. . .

  3. Brian Raftery

    That’s hilarious. For a second, I admit that I read it and thought, “Jerry Lewis?” But the “old-school” line seemed to indicate a hip-hop connection.

    Then again, it is the News.

  4. NickEddy

    There was an article about the Replacements (I think in Spin in 1989 and I think the following took place during recording Pleased to Meet Me in Memphis with Jim Dickinson) wherein label dude shows up to survey recording progress and espying chunder on ceiling (in studio!) asks how they got it on the ceiling to which the answer was “They puked in their hands and threw it up there.”

  5. beta.rogan

    Nice Spinal Tap reference.

  6. mike a

    Really, not more votes for DMC? Apparently, at the height of his alcoholism, he was capable of putting away between eight and 20 40-ouncers a day (depending on which website you believe). Anyone whose liver and bladder could handle that much malt liquor could also figure out a way to vomit on the ceiling.

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