Special Guest Columnist: Weasel, The Puppy Born Without Ears, Has Some Questions About The Music-Blogosphere

Feb 14th, 2007 // 3 Comments

weasel.jpgFrom time to time, Idolator solicits commentaries from the general public. And once again, we’re briefly turning the site over to Weasel, the puppy born without ears. Weasel has some interesting things to say, and we hope you’ll make him feel right at home.

Hello, I am Weasel, the puppy born without ears.

I have no ears.

But I do have eyes, and so the editors here have asked me to go through some of their emails, looking for interesting letters. Unfortunately, many of the messages are mass-mailings from publicists, or from people whose commenting privileges aren’t working. Also, apparently the Idolators have won the Ugandan national lottery twenty times. Twenty times! That’s a lot o’ lotto.

Did that joke land? I can’t really hear your chortles or grumbles because, again, I have no ears. Not to belabor it or anything.

Anyway, occasionally there’s an angry letter that says: “You guys posted this song or linked to this site without mentioning that I did it first!” These letters confuse me, for a few reasons. First off, I would think the Idolators are pretty fair with attribution, aren’t they? Sure, they might slip once in a while, but they’re trying.

But the thing I really don’t understand–and maybe this is because I’m an earless puppy who spends most of his day nibbling at his left leg, sadly mistaking it for his weenie–is why some bloggers want to be credited for every little thing they do. I mean, they act like they’re the ones who wrote and recorded the song or did all of the news-gathering, when really, all they did was be the umpteenth person to point to something and say, “Oh, look! Someone put something up after a publicist sent it or someone else wrote it!”

Really, everybody deserves credit where credit’s due. But sometimes I read these letters and think of the unformed eight-year-olds who live over the fence, and who are so quick to cry and run inside whenever they see me. So silly and strange and far from the rationality of adulthood they are!

Than again, I dunno. Maybe the lack-of-ears thing is making me miss something?


Weasel TPBWE


  1. The Mozfather

    I’m so disappointed. I wrote THIS EXACT SAME ARTICLE two days ago, and you didn’t attribute me.

    (I’m sorry – it had to be done.)

  2. Ted Striker

    Weasel, try to imagine the sound of me applauding you.

  3. Jude

    Imagine the mocking, shiftless smile on Weasel’s face as he watches you anguish from having to endure Carlos Mencia’s “beaner” thing even for just a moment. Though he’s never heard Mencia’s incoherent drivel, he can sense by fatty’s mannerisms that the act just isn’t funny at all.
    He just shrugs his proverbial shoulders with that “hey man, dunno what to tell ya…” look.

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