The Milli Vanilli Biopic: We Think It’s A Fab Idea

In what’s bound to be today’s music-blogosphere go-to punchline, Universal Pictures has announced plans to make a Milli Vanilli biopic, to be directed by Catch Me If You Can screenwriter Jeff Nathanson. Frankly, we’re surprised nobody thought of this sooner: While the rain-blaming duo never recovered from that 1990 lip-synching scandal, their showbiz career was full of strange twists and turns, eventually ending with the suicide of Rob Pilatus (who, as Metroville notes, is misidentified in the Variety announcement). And thanks to German producer Frank Farian, their songs still have at least a semblance of a following–the out-of-print Girl You Know It’s True goes for as high as $48 used on Amazon. So snicker all you want, but this thing could be great–like Walk The Line, but with more diamond-encrusted vests.

Universal sets up Milli Vanilli film []