The Vault: Back-To-Back Tracks From Yaggfu Front


Every once in a while, Idolator reaches into its vast record-collection vaults for a feature we’ve imaginatively titled The Vault. Today’s entry is another from Peter Rubin, a man who knows exactly where you got your Bo Bos:

There’s a whole lotta Little Brother-ness percolating these days: The North Cackalack trio recently pulled a Pharcyde, with MCs Phonte and Big Pooh going one way and DJ/producer extraordinaire 9th Wonder going the other, and then dropped a Mick Boogie mixtape that your friendly Idolator editors gassed in these very pages not one week ago. (As a quick aside, is Big Pooh really the best nom de mic you could come up with? That ranks up there with Titty Boi.)

As such, it’s only right to revisit an earlier N.C. foray into hip-hop–not Petey Pablo, though he remains the way we found out about Sprite Remix once upon a time (and I’m forever indebted to him because of it), as well as the way we found out about proof-of-a-benevolent-higher-being Esther Baxter. No, we’re talking about jazzy Raleigh-Durhamites Yaggfu Front, another early-’90s group to not-so-sucessfully employ intricate-acronym nomenclature. In this case, their name ostensibly stood for “Ya Gonna Get Fucked Up F.U. Front,” though using the F and U twice is a clear violation of IASP (Intricate Acronym Seconded-Placement Standards and Practices).

Anyway, Yaggfu Front released Action Packed Adventure on Mercury in 1994. There were a couple of “singles,” by which we mean “songs with accompanying videos that were only seen on Prince DeJour- or Joe Clair-era Rap City.” There was also a bizarre parody track at the end, “My Dick is So Large,” which we’re saving for a dedicated Vault item on bizarre hip-hop parody tracks. The better tracks on the album, for what it’s worth, were not the singles (“Left Field” and “Busted Loop,” if I remember correctly). So instead you get “Where’d You Get Your Bobos” and “Slappin’ Suckas Silly.”

Yaggfu Front – Where’d You Get Your Bo Bos [MP3, link expired]Yaggfu Front – Slappin’ Suckas Silly [MP3, link expired]

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